WWE Rumors: One more match for the Undertaker?

The 25th Anniversary episode of RAW will air in January of 2018. It has been reported that the Undertaker is set to make his return since his lost to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33. However, his return has caused a ton of speculation. WWE Hall of Famer Jerry the King Lawler has said that the Undertaker is in great shape. Also, sources are saying that the Undertaker isn’t showing up just to say hi to the fans.

The feeling among the WWE fanbase is that the Undertaker is coming back to set up a Wrestlemania 34 match. As we saw in Orlando last year, the deadman doesn’t have much left in the tank. The match he had against Roman Reigns wasn’t one of his better ones. There were a ton of moments in that match where it seemed like his days were numbered. If it is the case that Undertaker is setting up a match for Wrestlemania 34, it is not tough to pick a viable opponent.


Some names that come to mind are John Cena, Braun Strowman, or Baron Corbin. During the Undertaker’s run last year they were teasing something between the two. One of the fantasy matches that WWE fans have dreamed of is between probably the two biggest names in the industry. While it will be nice to see the deadman back on WWE programming, I don’t want to see him in another match.  He is old and it has shown over the years. Whoever will face him will need to carry most of the match.

Let us say for argument sake that he is going to have one more match at Wrestlemania 34. My question is why did they have him “retire” after he lost to Roman Reigns. The scene we saw at Wrestlemania 33 made it clear that he was riding off into the sunset.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the 25th Anniversary of Raw show in a couple of weeks.





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