WWE: Dean Ambrose should turn heel when he returns

As of this writing, Dean Ambrose is currently on the shelf with a shoulder injury. The WWE has come out and said that he will be out 9 months. However, the feeling is that it will be much shorter than that. There have been people within the WWE fanbase who have him returning in 2-3 months. However, the bigger thing to happen is what do they do with him when he does return.

Whenever he returns in 2018, it should be as a heel. Over the years since the Shield has been in WWE, Dean Ambrose has come off better as a heel.  Here is how I would book it: Dean should return to help Seth Rollins. When he makes the save, I would start the slow build towards a turn. Once it does happen, I would have Dean come off as that he truly never forgave Seth for destroying the initial Shield run. I would have it as a slow build towards one of the bigger pay-per-views. It is safe to say that he won’t be returning by the Rumble. Elimination Chamber is the next RAW pay-per-view. It’s probably a long shot that he would return. You are then staring Wrestlemania 34 in the face.


If he ends up returning on the RAW after Wrestlemania, then I would hold off until Summerslam. Once it happens I would have it that he does it to Seth Rollins. I wouldn’t repeat the same breakup from when Seth did it because it would be pointless. To be honest, the Shield breaking up wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Since they came back, they have fallen flat. You also had various members out that halted any true ideas.

Once Dean Ambrose turns heel, I see him as a Piper mixed with Pillman type of gimmick. He has always seemed to be the better heel than a face.



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