New Superhero Shows announced for 2018

The world seems over run by the superhero genre these days. Either they’re dominating television or audiences are awaiting the next big blockbuster movie. Their stories have been around for decades and now technology has given audiences a less hokey viewing experience. Unless you’re one of the people with “superhero fatigue” you’re more than likely ready for the next class of shows, so here’s what 2018 has in store so far:


Black Lightning (Jan 16 on CW)

Black Lightning will finally bring to light one of the often overlooked demographic. Other than Luke Cage, there have been few superhero shows with a African-American lead. Minority or female superheroes have been a spot usually reserved for a humorous sidekick or background character. Comics have often seen these characters become fan favorites and thrust them to their own spinoff series. One of the greatest experiences to audience and readers is each story unfold from a perspective they’ve never considered. Now it seems television is finally catching up.

Cloak & Dagger (2018 on Freeform)

When it comes to superhero shows, Marvel can’t seem to miss. Shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones have lit up Netflix. ABC’s Agents of Shield has slowly become a fan favorite counterpart to their movies. Even their latest Runways has taken off on Hulu. If previous success is an early indicator for Cloak & Dagger then it shouldn’t be long before it’s one of tv’s most talked about shows. The real question is, will it steer too closely to the family friendly atmosphere of ABC’s sister channel Freeform. Runaways has proven that great story trumps constant action and hopefully fans will get a mix of both.

Krypton (Mar 21st on SyFy)

Nothing says superhero show like Superman. The wave all started years ago with the origin story Smallville and has spiraled into something great. Now we’ve got story after story for years if not decades of comic book content. However, Krypton will take us back even further. An origin to the origin story of Superman, Kyrpton will explore life on superman’s home planet before it was eventually destroyed. Will it be compelling enough to keep audiences attention with little known about life before the Man of Steel.

Titans (2018 on DC Streaming)

With casting just being announced it seems this one won’t premier until late 2018. Following the many iterations of Teen Titans, Titans has been in development since 2014. Originally developed for TNT the project is now being developed for their yet to debut streaming service. Titans looks to develop origins for first group Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire. Little is known about the series as it is in early stages of development.

Watchmen (2018 on HBO)

It looks as if DC is finally blowing the doors off its least used property. DC has owned the rights to Watchmen for some time. However there has been little publication history and no on-screen development other than a movie almost a decade ago. Now with the release of their latest limited series comic Doomsday Clock and a new show on HBO, DC is finally bringing the Watchmen back to life. Airing on HBO ought to give the show the authentic connection to the comics with the more adult themed nature of the property. No cast or crew have been announced therefore 2018 might be wishful thinking.

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