Marvel’s Runaways: Did Tina Warn Amy That Jonah Was Coming To Kill Her?

The answers are slowly starting to come to light and it’s clear that Tina Minoru has some deep issues. From the beginning of Marvel’s Runaways, the main question was, what happened to Amy? An earlier flashback provided a little insight into her death, however, it was no suicide.

What we learned from “Tsunami” was that someone was watching Amy and it was her own mother, Tina. But why?

It seems that Amy and Alex stumbled across Pride long before Nico, Chase, Gert, Karolina, and Molly got involved that fateful night. Once Amy and Alex learned that Tina was watching, Amy tried to escape but it had to be Jonah who caught up with her in the end. Which brings me back to the real issue– Tina.

At first glance, it would seem that Tina is as evil as they come. But what if she was the one who warned Amy that Jonah was on his way? Alex and Amy learned that Tina was keeping tabs on on Amy by following her digital footprints, but maybe she was spying on her just in case she stumbled upon something that could get her in trouble?

Think about it. Our first introduction to Amy was the flashback of her death in which it was ruled a suicide. After seeing the reaction on Tina’s face and the cover up with the police, I jumped to the conclusion that Tina killed her own daughter as a sacrifice for Pride. But now, I’m not so sure. It was Tina’s actions in “Tsunami” that made me change my perception of her.

Here are a few facts that may prove my theory.

Even with her knowledge of Robert cheating on her with Janet Stein, she’s still willing to make the marriage work. That is no way the act of a heartless person. Now, some may say that she’s afraid of Jonah and that’s why she’s standing by her cheating husband’s side. However, her action by saving Robert’s life proves she’s not afraid of Jonah at all. Robert chose to give his life so Janet would not give hers, and instead of letting her cheating husband die, Tina risked her own life by destroying the black box against Jonah’s wishes.

Then we can go back to the scene where Tina caught Nico with the Staff. She wasn’t mad, in fact, Tina let Nico hold on to the Staff for practice. These are not signs of an evil monster. Yes, she may have her ways like most parents, but Tina might not be the enemy here.

Those examples lead me to believe that Tina was the one who sent the text message to Amy that Jonah was coming for her. Who else on Marvel’s Runaways knew besides Alex and Tina knew what Amy was up to? Yes, the message said from unknown caller but that could have been sent from a burner phone to keep Jonah off her track. And, even if the message came from Kincaid, he works for Tina, meaning, she could have had him warn her.

At the end of the day, Tina is a wife and a mother who loves her family. The problem is Jonah. Every member of Pride owes him for all he’s done but there is a line that should not be crossed. With Amy’s death, that may have been the line for Tina. While she’s still loyal for a reason, it seems that she may have taken a stand by saving Robert. She couldn’t save Amy in time, but she was there for her husband.

Marvel’s Runaways has been anything but boring so far, can’t wait for next week.


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