Girlboss: It’s Really The End Of Sophia And Shane

What’s going to happen with Shane and Sophia? Girlboss doesn’t give us a clear answer on that at the conclusion of Season 1. Considering how good they were together, it’d be a shame if they went their separate ways. But Sophia might never be able to trust Shane ever again, and that’s a problem.

After things were supposedly going great, Sophia found out about Shane’s cheating. That was seemingly all she needed to end things with him, as Sophia wasn’t exactly thrilled to see him ever again. There was enough going on in her life that she didn’t need him being a distraction.

The act of Shane cheating got into Sophia’s head. It nagged at her until she finally confronted him about it. When you’re about to launch a business, the stress of that incident doesn’t need to be there. It probably wasn’t easy to let go of Shane, but it was the right thing to do.

Sophia needed to have her head clear for the launch of Nasty Gal. Nothing was more important to her than that, not even working things out with Shane. And while the two tried, nothing was going to come of it. Still, the show did leave open the possibility of them getting back together.

Don’t hold your breath if you’re all aboard the Sophia and Shane train. The final time we saw Sophia and Shane together there were all kinds of emotions. That lasting image of her closing the door on him should signify the closing of the door of the relationship. The writers didn’t permanently write him off though, so there’s still some hope.

With the success of Nasty Gal the theme for Season 2 of Girlboss, Sophia will need to turn her attention to the site. Not saying Sophia can’t find love again, but she needs to find someone who can be trusted. Unfortunately, Shane lost that trust when he cheated. It’s not worth her time to have him prove himself. It’d be nice if they could work it out but it’s not going to happen.



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