WWE: The Undisputed Era Is The Key To Beating The Bullet Club Takeover

Factions have been a big part of wrestling for quite some time. The most famous of them all being the NWO. Now, we have the Bullet Club. And WWE needs to counter the momentum of BC in some way.

The obvious answer is to pair Gallows/Anderson, Finn Balor, and A.J. Styles to form the new Club. What if that’s not what WWE has in mind? What if the new top faction is right before us, and we’ve failed to notice it. I’m talking about the Undisputed Era. Who despite being in NXT, is the closest thing to the Bullet Club we are going to get on the main roster.

Undisputed Era consists of Adam Cole and RedDragon ( Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly). The three-man trio is using this time in NXT to hone their craft. Along with becoming the best faction in the WWE. At the same time, they are joining forces with Vince McMahon and Triple H. This should help push them as the Bullet Club killers.

Why the Undisputed Era over the likes of the aforementioned “Club”? Well, UE is an already established faction that features a former Bullet Club member (Cole) and two wrestlers that have clashed with the BC before (O’Reilly and Fish). You already have the built-in fan base from NXT, so getting them over shouldn’t be an issue, especially for someone like Cole.

When thinking about expanding the UE it comes down to who has a history with BC. You want wrestlers that know in’s and out’s of the faction. Of course, you’ve got Styles, Balor, Gallows/Anderson, but they need to be taken out of the equation for the moment. What if you add in a few indie wrestling darlings such as Ricochet (assuming he does sign with WWE) or Lio Rush?

Of course, WWE could pull an NWO or Bullet Club and expand the UE to the likes if of Gallows/Anderson, Balor, Styles and create a massive faction. Let’s face it the “Club” sounds too generic and is a blatant rip-off of the Bullet Club. Undisputed Era is a fresh take on the mega faction. This will go over well with the fans, given the names in the group.

Let’s say you do add the “Club” to the mix. What WWE could do is put certain members on each show to start a revolution/takeover of the main roster. For instance, place Balor, Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish on RAW. Then put Styles along with Gallows and Anderson on Smackdown. There are many ways you could go about this, but it’s a genius move by Vince McMahon and company.

Let’s not get carried away. While Undisputed Era is good, they aren’t ready to take on Bullet Club yet. They’ll need to be more additions to the faction, and it’s unlikely anyone in creative will add in the established superstars like Styles and Balor. But the fact the UE is already an established group is a good sign they’ll be sticking together for the foreseeable future.

Even if it’s not the “Club”, there will at least be some veteran indie wrestlers that know Bullet Club very well. While adding the Gallows/Anderson, Balor, Styles group might seem like overkill, it is what the WWE might need to counteract the Bullet Club momentum. Adam Cole and company are the keys to beating Bullet Club in the wrestling ratings.



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