WWE Punks Out On Hideo Itami’s GTS In Chicago

The GTS does not belong to CM Punk, so let’s start there. The GTS, or Go-to-sleep, is a finishing move made famous in the WWE by CM Punk. However, he did not actually invent it. A plethora of wrestling sources and wrestlers have mentioned that the GTS, in fact, belongs to Hideo Itami. Itami has also been tagged as the original user/creator of Daniel Bryan’s running knee finisher.

Now WWE fans are often looked at as a group of people who live by the idea “WWE or nothing.” While that might not always be the case, in this instance, the glove fits. At the height of his career, CM Punk was arguably one of the most over wrestlers in the company’s illustrious history. He put many wrestlers down for the 3-count with his finishing move, GTS. Punk’s exit in the WWE is still a very hot topic among the fans. Anytime they have a chance to chant his name they do. Enter Hideo Itami. When Itami signed with WWE from Japan, he brought his powerful wrestling style, his in-ring personality, and HIS GTS. The NXT fan base took the superstar early, and aside from multiple injuries putting him on the shelf, did their best to stand behind him.

Itami made his main roster début last week on RAW when he ran in to save Finn Balor. Since then, he has withstood “CM Punk” chants from fans. On Christmas Day, WWE enters CM Punk-land more commonly called Chicago, Punk’s hometown. With Itami spending the last couple of weeks trying to get his feet wet on the main roster. The WWE creative team needs to get him fan exposure quickly.


This was the moment for the creative team to hand Itami a microphone and say “go let them know who’s GTS it is.” Here are multiple reasons why this promo needs to be cut:

1. You need Itami to make a big splash on the main roster quickly. So you have some sort of momentum sending him to 205Live. Unfortunately, it may or may not be around at the end of 2018. WWE needs the fan base to react to him one way or another, good or bad, boo or cheer, but they need a reaction for him.

2. Itami cuts his promo and educates a fan base that is obviously not smart enough to go out and educate themselves on who created what finisher. This is a slippery slope as it could take you all the way back to the beginning of time arguing who invented what? However, for the present time, Itami has to go out and let us know that we didn’t do our homework and “all you people care about is the ghost of a man who left you.”

3. Itami is cutting this promo IN CHICAGO, in the homeland of CM Punk. The heat this man would’ve drawn from this crowd would have catapulted him to top-tier heel status. However, Itami would also garner a lot of love and admiration from a group of wrestling fans that knew the GTS was his. These fans would latch on to him in solidarity, letting him know that they understand what he’s saying. Now you have two distinct fan bases either yelling at him for being disrespectful to CM Punk. The other fan base is praising him for speaking the truth. This creates buzz around Itami’s name and keeps him relevant. It’s a win/win for WWE.

Unfortunately, WWE decided not to give Hideo Itami the microphone and spotlight to make this matter known. I believe this greatly hinders his ability to get over with the fans. Let’s hope that the WWE Creative Team will see this opportunity down the road and take full advantage of it.


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