Universal Studios Orlando: It’s Safe To Say E.T. Is On The Chopping Block

It might be time to remove E.T. from Universal Studios Orlando. It’s an unpopular opinion, that’s for sure, but it really makes a lot of sense. The ride has been at the park since 1990 and has really shown its age. As we look towards the future, E.T. will be gone forever from Universal.

Everyone who’s been to Universal Studios Orlando has had some sort of exposure to E.T. It’s the oldest attraction at the park. Still, it seems to be a big money-maker for Universal, as it’s going strong after all these years. That’s somewhat surprising though, as the ride almost never has a long queue.

If you’re going to Universal Orlando, chances are you won’t have to wait long to experience the E.T. ride. Settled at the beginning of the kid’s area of the park, it’s intended as a family ride. Perhaps some want something more thrilling or adventurous at the park, or it’s just too old, but it seems as if E.T. never has a crowd.

With the addition of Nintendo Land coming to Universal Studios Orlando, the whole kid’s area of the park is getting a remodel. It’s entirely possible E T. is also on the chopping block because of it. If anything is to close down this ride, it’s Nintendo Land. And while many will welcome change, some will be up in arms over the decision.

With one of the most immersive queue lines in the world, E.T. is an experience. There will be plenty that come to the aid of this ride. And rightfully so, as it’s a classic attraction. Universal is just waiting for the right time to pull the plug. Quite frankly, it shows its age. And it just doesn’t have the same appeal as classic Disney rides such as Peter Pan’s Flight or other classic Disney dark rides.

They are getting rid of all the classic opening attractions at the park. The only one left is E.T in terms of rides. Getting rid of E.T. will not be popular, but it’s the right move. Giving the show building a new life in Nintendo Land or something completely different is the way to go. This attraction can’t last forever. Its time might be up.

We’ve seen how giddy Universal has been with adding new IP’s to its parks. We know Terminator is gone, and Dragon Challenge is gone. They rid themselves of Back To The Future for Simpson’s, Earthquake for Fast and Furious, Jaws for Harry Potter, all in an attempt to bring current franchises in to increase attendance. E.T. sticks out like a sore thumb at Universal Studios Orlando. Yup, it’s probably next to go.



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