Editor’s Picks: Most Disappointing Movies of 2017

Of course there’s always a yin to the yang. While 2017 had a ton of great movies there were also it’s flops. This year was loaded with expectations and excitement and many films on the list were giant let downs. While they may have been good movies in their own rights, there was enough in each to leave feeling a little disappointed. Let’s kick off our Most Disappointing Movies of 2017:


Thor Ragnarok – Sorry Marvel fans, while the third film in the franchise was entertaining it missed the mark on the character. Thor isn’t supposed to be a fun lovable character as portrayed in Ragnarok, he’s supposed to be a warrior. While he can be funny at times, audiences weren’t looking for a Guardians of the Galaxy clone. After the Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped we might’ve got an idea why they went in this direction. However, it was disappointing to see the God of Thunder a goofy sidekick in his own movie.

War for the Planet of the Apes – With all the hype surrounding these movies, expectations might have been a little too high. Another film that was mostly entertaining, however there was a series of scenes that just derailed all momentum. A twenty-minute gap or so threw a wrench into a mostly entertaining film. More often than not, a couple bad scenes won’t ruin a whole movie but this was the exception to the rule. Great start and build, a solid finish but that series of scenes ruined an otherwise good movie.

Get Out – It might be hard to see this film on the list as it blew up and was critically acclaimed. It might even get a few nods come award season. However Get Out was one of those films were hype trumped entertainment. With all the fanfare surrounding the film it ruined the viewing experience. While the film itself was original and entertaining, there were a few parts that felt forced and out-of-place. Shame on the hype train for derailing a unique film like this one.

Jigsaw – What a terrible nod to the original franchise. Saw finally returns to Halloween and for the most part throws back to the original films. However something about this one was a tremendous let down. It wasn’t a terrible film, but had its moments of bad acting. There was a nice little twist at the end but missed its mark with the fans looking for the violent nature of these films. Maybe they rushed to get the movie out or maybe it was always meant to be a cash grab, but Jigsaw wasn’t what fans expected.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – So much about Episode VIII was fun and entertaining, but too much felt out-of-place. The moment the trailer dropped we expected so much more out of the next installment. However, the trailer and the movie itself were completely different. The parts we seen early on were different from what was portrayed in the feature film. Add that to the uncertainty of future storylines and understandable some fans were disappointed leaving theaters. Maybe it wasn’t what they wanted or expected. Maybe there’s a great story being set up or Episode IX. Wherever they’re are going, audiences have mixed emotions.

There you have it, 2017’s most disappointing movies. Did we just have unrealistic expectations for these films or did the studios really let us down?[RickTwitter]

*Editors note: While there have been plenty of bad films in 2017, the list is compiled of movies the author has seen and is not a reflection of the entire staff.


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