Washington Redskins: The Good, Bad, and WTF against the Denver Broncos

For the Washington Redskins, a win against the Denver Broncos would be bittersweet. It would also move the team one-step closer to 8-8. If they are able to beat the New York Giants in the final week of the season, they would finish .500 or better three years in a row. This will be the first time since 1999-2001 that the Redskins have had three consecutive .500 or better seasons. So what happened on Sunday? Here is the Good, the Bad, and the WTF from the game.

The Good

  1. Kirk Cousins

The soon to be franchise QB had an excellent game. He carved up the Denver Broncos for 299 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT. The Broncos were the second-ranked pass defense in the league. Cousins rebounded from 2 sub-par games in the past two weeks.

Nonetheless, was this Cousins last game in front of the home crowd? Speculation will begin on the future of Cousins and his contract. Nonetheless, if the Redskins do not sign him long-term they will be making a big mistake.

  1. Defense

The Washington Redskins defense was on the field a lot again on Sunday. The faced 71 plays from the Broncos offense. Fortunately, they had the same fire and want that they played with last week. Hence, if the Redskins defense would not have had the slump a few weeks ago, we just might be talking playoffs for this team.

  1. Offensive Line

The Denver Broncos bolster one of the best pass rushes in the league. Nevertheless, the offensive line of the Washington Redskins kept them off Cousins for most of the day. In fact, all day. Cousins was not sacked at all on the day. Missing pieces like Trent Williams and Spencer Long was not an issue on the day.

The Bad

  1. Slow Start

The offense had trouble getting the gas pedal moving on the day. In fact, the first three drives for the Washington Redskins ended in a punt. If there was more time on the season I would see this as a bigger issue than it may seem. However, this has happened more and more over the last few games.


  1. Coaching Rumor

I would hope that there would be some consistency left in Dan Snyder. Thus, I am not a fan of the Jay Gruden not returning talk. The team has struggled this season. It is not Gruden’s fault. Anytime you are in the top three of injured reserve rosters, it is tough sledding. Additionally, if this team finishes 8-8 I think the job Gruden has done with this team is outstanding.

The Washington Redskins have one more game on the season. They face a divisional opponent the New York Giants on Sunday. So, again, a victory gives the team 3 consecutive seasons at .500 or better. It also opens up a ton of questions on New Year’s Day.

How do you feel about the Washington Redskins win on Sunday? Please leave a comment below.

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