Jacksonville Jaguars: Blake Bortles Has Earned The Leader Title The Hard Way

There was a time not too long ago where the Jacksonville Jaguars thought about trading their quarterback Blake Bortles. Just imagine where they would be if a trade was made. With the Los Angeles Rams defeat of the Tennessee Titans Sunday, Bortles and the Jaguars won the AFC South Division. Going into the season, not many gave him credit for at least five wins.

But this is the magic of the NFL. A bad season is placed in the review mirror and Bortles is a living blueprint on how that’s done.

The Jacksonville Jaguars entered the season with high hopes as they do every year but success would still fall on the shoulders of the once erratic quarterback. How has Bortles responded? Through 15 games, he has passed for 3529 yards, 21 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. Compared to his stats from last season, it’s clear that Bortles has improved. What’s intriguing, is that he has done so without the playmakers he normally has.

The last two seasons, Bortles has locked in on receivers, Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson. With each player injured this season, Bortles has found new targets in Marqise Lee and Keelan Kole. No matter what happens in the playoffs, Bortles has shown the brass in Jacksonville there is no need to look elsewhere for another quarterback, he’s their guy.

Blake Bortles Is The Present and Future Of The Jacksonville Jaguars

After the craziness that happened with the New York Giants, fans were calling for Tom Coughlin to trade Bortles for Eli Manning. No way that phone call happens now. While fans are celebrating their first trip to the playoffs in 10 seasons, one person, in particular, should sit and take in the scenery and give a big sigh of relief. Bortles has put the Jags on his back and led them where outsiders thought he couldn’t.

As the Jacksonville Jaguars get ready for the playoffs, many will have Bortles’ play under a microscope. But why? Has he not proved this season that he’s locked in? Instead of waiting for the man to fail, why not celebrate his achievements and growth.


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