Universal Studios Orlando: Celebrate Grinchmas All Year Long With A Grinch Mountain Attraction

As the Holidays at Universal Studios Orlando continue, Grinchmas is in full effect. The yearly celebration is one of the best events in both Studios and Islands of Adventure. But Why does Grinchmas have to stop after the Holidays? What can Universal do to keep the party going all year-long? Build a Grinch-themed attraction at Islands of Adventure.

We’ve heard rumors years ago about the possibility of Grinch Mountain coming to Islands of Adventure. Nothing came of that, and Universal hasn’t talked about it much since then. But with the success of Grinchmas, could it be time to revisit the idea?

There is plenty of land to use at Islands of Adventure. The original talk of where to put Grinch Mountain was at the back of Suess Landing, near the area where the Grinch stage show occurs every day during Grinchmas. There’s also the possibility of expanding Seuss Landing into the Lost Continent area of IOA as well.

What would a Grinch Mountain attraction involve? It’s possible Universal makes it a coaster that spirals in and out of an enclosed mountain. That’s the logical choice for them, but other possibilities could include a dark ride or a bobsled coaster. The latter is a perfect idea, as not many parks in the Orlando area have one (If any at all)

Seuss Landing is my least favorite area of Islands of Adventure, that is of course behind Lost Continent. It’s especially themed, but there’s not that much incentive to go there if you don’t have kids. Adding a Grinch coaster gives not only Seuss Landing an E-Ticket attraction, but another for IOA as well.

Of course, adding a Grinch Mountain ride will be well into the future. Universal has its hands full with the new Potter ride at IOA and the upcoming Nintendo Land. But with more hotels being added, the parks are going to need to add more signature attractions to keep guests coming back and staying on property.

Grinch Mountain is the perfect choice for a new attraction. Not only does it fit in with Seuss Landing, but it also will be greatly significant during Grinchmas. It would be a big money-maker for Universal Studios Orlando. I don’t see any reason as to why this wouldn’t be an option at some point.



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