Sex: A Not So Good First Time Can Lead To The Sex Death Card

How many have been there? It’s happened to most at least once in our lifetime. You meet a person, the convo is good, and you may whisper something freaky to set the mood. The moment arrives and BOOM, you just felt it yourself, something was off. This wasn’t your normal performance. You look at your partner for any indication of a letdown, hoping he/she didn’t feel the same, but nothing is said. You just offered up bed sex.

The next day, you text, however, the response is not as quick as it normally was prior to your sexual experience. That’s when it hits you, you got dealt the Sex Death Card. You know that card, the one that requires no words or contact. You can text, call, email, but you will get no response. Your curiosity kicks in, but the truth is the truth. Your pride won’t let you fully admit it, but you now know that they know what you knew all along, you f***** up.

You’re seeking them for answers, just wanting them to tell you the truth. You need them to say it to your face but then there is no need. Social media is the new form of communication and their status says it all. Damn. Now it hits you like a ton of bricks, someone out there thinks you have no idea what you’re doing in bed. No matter how childish it sounds, that can mess with your ego. Now you’re on another mission to find someone and make them pay for your mistakes. You promise to go all out, have that hold nothing back type of sex. The kind you read in Karma Sutra or 50 Shades. You tell yourself that the next person will get the mind-blowing sex that makes them get up in the morning and cook you breakfast butt-buttered-ball naked.

But still, even as you get ready to conquer the next individual, the last time is a constant replay in your thoughts. You let one slip away without your best performance. Then the psyche starts to play tricks on you. What if they tell someone else who then tells another person about what happened? All it takes is one rumor to ruin your sex life forever. So you must find that next person so they could be the one to debunk the bad vibes and put your name back on the righteous path.

But I want to know, what do you do if you experience that? As soon as it’s over do you tell that person or let it go? Do you give them another shot in a day or two to see if it was a one-time thing? Sometimes nerves can get in the way or maybe you’re just not that good. I think you should give them another shot before blowing them off, it’s only right.

With that said, I was wrong in giving her the Sex Death Card, I never gave her another chance to redeem herself. I hope she’s reading this article now. “Call me”.



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