Pittsburgh Steelers: Releasing James Harrison is the right move to make

The Pittsburgh Steelers have released outside linebacker James Harrison. Harrison is the Steelers all-time leader in sacks with 80.5. At the tender age of 39, he continued to make plays even in a diminished role.

With that being said, this move came at the right time for both sides. Sure it came unexpectedly. Nonetheless, as the playoffs get closer Pittsburgh is trying to get more out of their younger players. Harrison wasn’t going to see much action going forward.

According to reports, James Harrison had growing frustration with his role on the Steelers and he could end up on a playoff team before the year is over.

With everything Deebo has done for the black and gold, it’s only right for Pittsburgh to give him an opportunity to find a new team. Where could he go? Honestly, New England would be the best option since they have a plethora of injuries to their defense. Most of the playoff teams are fine at the linebacker spot. It is hard to imagine him going to another team just to have the same role.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers T.J. Watt, and Bud Dupree has been fun to watch this season as they’ve combined to sack the opposition 12 times.

The emergence of Anthony Chickillo (three sacks) and the continued progression of Vince Williams (7 sacks) have made Pittsburgh’s group of linebackers even more exciting with their aggressive play.

Of course, Ryan Shazier doesn’t play the same position as Harrison. However, with Shazier being a younger voice for this team to listen to it makes Harrison’s release a little bit easier to swallow.

Deebo will always be remembered for his work ethic, sacks in critical moments of intense games and his glare. He was a fixture of excellence and a true representative of tough-guy football. Whether James Harrison plays again in the NFL or not, he should be in the running for a spot on Canton’s team.


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