Netflix: What Were The Best New Original Shows Of 2017?

What were the best original Netflix shows to debut in 2017? The WBLZ Media staff has put together a list of favorites. Did your shows make the cut? Here’s a top-five.

5. Santa Clarita Diet
Netflix’s take on the Zombie craze, SCD features an all-star cast that includes Drew Barrymore and Timothy Oliphant. It centers around Sheila, played by Barrymore, who gets exposed to a virus that gives her zombie-esque traits. It’s a mix between Walking Dead and Suburbia. One of the most unusual Netflix shows on the scene.

4. Frontier
With two seasons under its belt, the Jason Mamoa drama series is not to be missed. It deals with high demand fur trading and has quite a bit of violence. The show has been praised by critics. While I’ve yet to see Season 2, it still goes in as one of Netflix’s best new shows for its first season alone.

3. Ultimate Beastmaster
A knockoff of American Ninja Warrior, Beastmaster is still a fun and entertaining show. If you like the obstacle course competitions, you’ll love this. Nation’s from all over the world compete to see who’s the best. There are 2 seasons of this on Netflix, so there’s not an excuse to not watch this original.

2. Big Mouth

From the mind of Nick Kroll, Big Mouth is one of the most raunchy cartoons you’ll find anywhere. The original series centers on a group of kids entering puberty. It seems a bit strange, and it is. The show, however, is brilliant, super funny, and well written. One of the more original ideas on Netflix.

If you’re a wrestling fan, you’re going to love GLOW. Called the Gorgeous Women Of Wrestling, it’s a great look into the world of wrestling from a women’s point of view. There has been much Awards buzz for GLOW and it’s well deserved. Easily, the best new show on Netflix, and possibly on the entire platform.

There you have it, a list of the best new Netflix shows of 2017. If you ever get a chance to watch any of these originals, you should. They do not disappoint. Let’s just hope 2018 has just as good of a lineup in store for us.



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