Stranger Things: Bob Newby Is The Hero We All Need

Enough of Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman, Bob Newby is the hero we all deserve. The loveable character from Stranger Things Season 2 has somewhat of a cult following. In large part because of him, Season 2 was such a big success.

At first, nobody knew what to make of Bob. He came across a somewhat desperate to gain the Byers family approval. Yes, Joyce was smitten with him, but Will and Johnathan weren’t as easy to break. Of course, they both would be as they know the history with their father. Will seemed more accepting of him than Jonathan, but it was truly hard for Bob to connect with Will because of his condition.

It wasn’t until a car ride that Bob got into Will’s bubble, as he found out more about his condition and dreams about the shadow monster. Bob can be partially to blame for Will’s connection to the Shadow Monster, as he told him to face it head-on. Still, you can’t blame Bob for trying to help.

Why Bob Newby Is The Real Hero

Once Bob knew more about the situation with Will, he was surprisingly very supporting of Joyce and the boys. It’s not every day your girlfriend’s son is possessed by some demon. Bob didn’t run, and he fought like a man. You don’t find that much anymore. It’s truly unfortunate the demadogs killed him.

Now, Joyce, Will, and Johnathan are left without Bob. At the very least he’s still got a place in their heart. He died sacrificing himself for the family and friends of Will. That’s a noble thing to do.

Most fans of Stranger Things weren’t happy with his death. I grew to really like Bob. As I said, I wasn’t as keen to him at first, but he grew on me. And while he might no longer be with us, he sacrificed himself, and that’s the mark of a true Superhero. Stranger Things won’t be the same without him.

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