Seattle Seahawks: Dear Santa, Here is a few things from the 12th Man

Dear Santa from the Seattle Seahawks,

I know that maybe I might still owe you for the Super Bowl victory, but I figured that after the last few years of bad NFL referee calls and injuries, we might have drawn even. So, here are a few things I would like for the Seahawks this year. I understand that some are going to be hard to deliver this Christmas, but I would be good with any of these by the time next football season starts.

1. Please Santa, deliver a competent offensive line to the Seahawks for next season. Russell Wilson can’t handle 7 sacks a game very much longer, and I don’t think there is any more space in the RB room for wheelchairs either. Heck, I would even take Russell Okung back if he could stay healthy.

2. While you are at it, could you bring the Seahawks a decent possession receiver? One that doesn’t disappear after one year, cost two draft picks to play 2 regular season games, or doesn’t cost them a ton of cap room? Thus, I am thinking someone like Mike Williams was during the year we won the Super Bowl. However, without the calorie intake.


3. Santa, the Seattle Seahawks would love you to breed Shaun Alexander and Marshawn Lynch. Make him about 22 years old and get him on the team for rookie minimum. Shaun had the glide that he used to get through the good hole in a burst. Also, Marshawn had the power to get 4 yards just about everywhere else.

4. And finally, Santa, could you please bring the Seahawks a way to be effective in all 4 quarters, instead of just the 4th quarter. While it is fun to watch Russell Wilson work his magic, my cardiologist says it’s better for my heart…

Merry Christmas,

Terry Coe

P.S. if season tickets should happen to fall in my lap for the Seahawks, I promise I won’t sell a single one.


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