Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri are Dating Again?

I guess you can go home again. It seems that Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri are trying to work things out according to ENews. If you recall, the musical pair dated for seven years and broke it off in 2009. Since then, Jackson married Wissam Al Mina in which she gave birth to their daughter, Eissa Al Mina.

Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri, Say It Ain’t So

As for Dupri, he’s pretty much been out of the spotlight if not for a bankruptcy claim and dealing with his protegee Bow Wow’s reality TV show. While the thought of them getting back together never crossed anyone’s mind, especially after Janet got married, it seems that the two are picking up right where they left off in 2009.

The rumors became hot topic while Janet was on her State of the World Tour in which she and Jermaine Dupri kept in heavy contact. According to insiders, the pair is falling back into old habits quickly.

They are friends before anything so they are just seeing what happens on the romantic side,” the insider shares. “Janet first priority is her baby and then comes her work so any person she is involved with knows that. Janet is happy and excited for 2018. She has more projects on the way

As the source went on to tell ENews:

Janet and Jermaine are hooking up. They started as just friends and it has been slowly developing,” the source tells us. “They haven’t discussed an actual title but are closer than before. Their friendship is deep and their connection is very powerful and real. Jermaine knows Janet better than most men. He is understanding and he truly cares and loves her. Janet is shy and holds her emotions inside cause she has been hurt before but has a true love for Jermaine.

The hard part about this is, I’ve been in love with Janet Jackson since forever. When she got divorced, I really thought I had a chance. Then comes Dupri with that old-lover walk and messes everything up. Thanks for nothing bro.

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