Dallas Cowboys: Dear Santa, Jerry’s World needs your Help

Dear Santa (Re: the Dallas Cowboys),

I am writing you this letter to ask some things I would like to see for 2018 for the Dallas Cowboys.

As a longtime fan of the Cowboys, I am in need of something for my team for the 2018 season.

First thing on the list for me would be a new Head Coach.  I am tired of the Dallas Cowboys being outcoached every game. Jason Garrett is one of the worst coaches in the league when it comes to Halftime adjustments. I am tired of my team being outcoached and outplayed because of his poor in-game adjustments. He is also one of the worst clock managers in the NFL and challenges plays he should never be challenging.  Especially if they don’t make the playoffs this year. We will all look back at the game against the Packers when the defense needed to stop Aaron Rodgers and couldn’t.


Second thing on my wish list would be to upgrade the Defensive Backs.  The rookies have played well of late but to be honest too many teams are able to slice up our defense through the air. I need the Cowboys to go out and get a big free agent Corner who is a shutdown corner and will control his side of the field. I hear that Josh Norman may be available, it may be time for Jerry to spend his money and get us a big time Corner.

The third thing on my wish list would be to get a supplemental receiver for Dez Bryant.  Dez is still an elite/big time WR. However, he needs someone to ease the pressure on him especially as he gets older.  He will eventually start to decline.  If we don’t have a complement to him then he will essentially become a non-factor.  Also as a bonus wish I would like someone to get inside of Ezekiel Elliott’s head. Tell him that he needs to cut out the immature act and man up.  We can’t afford to have him missing games. He is a special talent but does not help if he is not on the field.

So, in conclusion, we will need to have these things for Christmas this year. So that us Cowboys fans can stop suffering and start enjoying our team.


Michael Esposito and the rest of Cowboys Nation.



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