Walter and Florence of Scorpion

Scorpion: It’s Clear That Florence Is The Better Fit For Walter Over Paige

Finally, the writers for the hit CBS show, Scorpion has figured it out. The Walter O’Brien and Paige Dineen relationship was never worth trying from the beginning. While both parties wanted it from the start, it was clear as the season moved on, it was just wrong. The chemistry between the two is awful. What’s more damaging is that the writers have written that into the script for the past two seasons that they could be nothing more than co-workers. Now they’re in love?

Well, it seems that awkward smooching and weird behavior are about to come to a crashing halt, thanks to Florence.

During “A Christmas Car-Roll”, Walter fell down a flight of stairs, becomes unconscious and enters a dream world where nothing is the same. Each member of Scorpion is a stranger to one another but two people, Walter and Florence. Seems weird but it’s been building up since she first appeared in the garage.

With Walter and Paige being thrown together due to Paige’s son Ralph you could sense the relationship building. However, you can see no real sparks there. After a half season of each trying to work through one of the weirdest relationships ever on TV, the writers decided to add some intrigue. But by doing so, viewers, such as myself noticed that in a short amount of time, Florence is the right choice. But now comes the hard part. How do they break Paige and Walter up without destroying the team and Walter’s relationship with Ralph? I can’t see Walter having an affair but what I can see is him being the outspoken, honest man he is and telling Paige he no longer has feelings for her.

Florence Is The Perfect Match For Walter On Scorpion

Then a second question hits. In a room full of geniuses, how is it that no one has picked up on the vibe Walter and Florence is giving one another?

For a relationship to work with Walter involved, it has to be with someone who’s just a quirky as he is. Paige has her moments but no matter how hard she tries, she’s not really one of them. Florence is just as weird as the rest of Team Scorpion and it’s safe to say that she instantly fit in with her crude remarks and behavior. With that said, it would do the show justice if Scorpion were to end the Walter and Paige nightmare and give Walter and Florence a try.


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