Philadelphia Eagles: Dear Santa, Could you please drop by the NovaCare Complex

Dear Santa, as you know and the rest of the NFL world knows, the Philadelphia Eagles are in desperate need of a Super Bowl win. Throughout our history, the Eagles have had iconic players wear the uniform such as Randall Cunningham, Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Keith Byars, Donovan McNabb, and many more. However, the team is still lacking that one win that would set them apart from franchises like the Cleveland Browns.

Here is what I would like for the Philadelphia Eagles for Christmas.

Nick Foles To Prove He’s The Real Deal

With Carson Wentz out for the rest of the Eagles season, it’s up to Foles to provide that spark and continue the Eagles great year. If Foles can channel his stellar year from 2013, the Eagles could very well find themselves in the Super Bowl come February. What a great ending will mean for Foles is that he won’t have to play behind Wentz next year if the right opportunity presents itself. While fans will hate to see him leave, Foles has won a place in all Eagles’ fans hearts. Wentz is our guy but that doesn’t mean we don’t want him to succeed somewhere else.

Keep Jay Ajayi

The Eagles made a huge trade with the Miami Dolphins that netted them Ajayi. While Blount is still the featured back, for this season at least, the Eagles may want to keep Ajayi around. With Wentz and his talented receivers, the Eagles offense needs a home run threat out the backfield. Ajayi has the speed the Eagles need to stretch any defense and while his pass catching ability is suspect at best, that’s why the Eagles still have Clement and Sproles. For Christmas, Santa, I would love for the Eagles to keep Ajayi around next season.

Please Bring Us A Super Bowl Victory In 2018

Did you really think I wasn’t going to put that on my list? The Eagles deserve one just as much as the New England Patriots should have theirs stripped for the deflated footballs. The Eagles have put themselves in a great position to win it this year. However, things happen and it can always go sideways. This is where I need your help. For some reason, it seems that the Football Gods may have it in for my team. But, if anyone can turn the tide in our favor, it’s you Santa. If I had to choose, which of these wishes were most important, then Foles can stay an Eagle. Ajayi can leave. All in all, just give us that damn ring.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

Eagles Nation


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