New York Giants: Dear Santa, Big Blue really could use your Help

Dear Santa from the New York Giants,

The 2017 season wasn’t exactly kind to us. We went from being a playoff team to a complete dumpster fire. Thus, we were going to ask you to remove Ben McAdoo as the head coach. However, John Mara took care of that and he even gave the Giants fan base a bonus when he removed Jerry Reese as the team’s general manager. We know you have a lot going on for Christmas, so we’ll keep our requests short and to the point.

1. An offensive line

Over the last two years, the offensive line nearly got Eli Manning killed. Ereck Flowers at times shows improvement, but then there are other times where he still struggles at left tackle. Maybe finding a legitimate left tackle and moving him to another spot would help. This team could have benefited from some of the free agents who were out there last free agency and Jerry Reese chose to ignore them. The Giants next general manager can’t do that. Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg are free agents and we have to look at them, but the entire offensive line as a whole needs to be upgraded big time.

2. Sam Darnold

There’s a very good chance that we end up with the number two pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. The San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos have won a few games, meanwhile, the Browns refuse to even win one single game, so as of right now, the Giants look like they have the number two pick in the draft. There’s a very good chance that we need to look at life after Eli Manning since he’s 36 going on 37. Sam Darnold shows the most promise as far as who can succeed in New York. Maybe the Browns take Josh Rosen with their first pick. Or maybe they stick with DeShone Kizer. Darnold doesn’t want to go to Cleveland. He should come to New York instead. With Eli Manning’s NFL career dwindling down, he should be this team’s potential future.

3. A competent head coach

Ben McAdoo was a disaster. A flat-out, utter disaster. He had no business being a head coach in the NFL. Steve Spagnuolo is the interim head coach and deserves the chance to interview for the job when the season is over. He’s been a head coach before, so that helps in his favor, but how the last four weeks go will determine if we remove the interim tag or not. We need someone who knows what they are doing as a head coach and to a point, not some rookie head coach whose learning this job on the fly.

An established name will likely be needed, or at least one with head coaching experience. Mike Smith and Jim Schwartz come to mind. Bill Cowher would really do, that is if he wants to ever leave CBS to coach one more time. But the next head coach in East Rutherford needs to look the part and not look clueless like McAdoo did.

Thank you, Santa, and we’d appreciate it if your gifts made the New York Giants great again. Or at least a consistent playoff team. We’ll settle for that.

Merry Christmas,

The New York Giants


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