MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Shouldn’t Deal Top Prospects for Gerrit Cole

For the last two weeks, the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates have been talking about a potential trade to send Gerrit Cole to New York.

During the Winter Meetings, things really seemed to heat up. A deal to send Cole back to the team that initially drafted him seemed likely. Then the talks died down. Less than 24 hours ago, those talks seemed to re-ignite and a deal looked like it would happen.

But the Pirates continue to ask for the Yankees top prospects in trade negotiations for Cole. Now it seems like we’re back to a stalemate.

The Pirates apparently keep asking for Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier and Chance Adams from the Yankees. The New York Yankees don’t want to deal Torres. He’s considered, not only the Yankees best prospect but one of the best overall prospects in all of baseball. The Yankees though, seem to be more willing to deal Frazier in a possible deal.

But if Pirates GM Neal Huntington is insistent on asking for both Frazier and Torres, along with Adams, then the Yankees need to stand pat and not make that trade with Pittsburgh.

Yes, Gerrit Cole is a good pitcher. He’s been an All-Star pitcher in Pittsburgh and would help the rotation. But Gerrit Cole isn’t the pitcher that you give up your best prospects for. If acquired, Cole wouldn’t be the ace for the Yankees like he is for the Pirates. In the Yankees rotation, he’d likely be the number three or four pitcher in the rotation.

When the Yankees made the deal with the Oakland A’s to land Sonny Gray back in July, the Yankees did give up good prospects. But two of them were injured and likely looking at extended rehab time; James Kaprielian and Dustin Fowler. The other prospect in that deal was Jorge Mateo, who was shifted from the infield to the outfield and he was likely blocked from getting to the majors because of the abundance of outfielders in the farm system.

The Yankees weren’t dealing three top prospects who were not only healthy but considered some of the best in all of baseball, for Sonny Gray. So the Yankees shouldn’t do that either for Gerrit Cole.

Brian Cashman has the leverage in these talks, as he doesn’t really need Cole. Yes, he’d like to have him and add him to their pitching staff. However, he shouldn’t do so at the cost of losing Clint Frazier. He definitely shouldn’t do it at the cost of losing Gleyber Torres.

Plus, if push comes to shove, Cashman can simply tell Huntington to take a hike and just push free-agent negotiations with Yu Darvish. Ultimately, some feel that the Yankees are only negotiating with Darvish to get Pittsburgh to lower the asking price on Cole.

Brian Cashman has made great trades in the past. He won’t risk tearing up the farm system he just re-built over the last few years for a pitcher that won’t be an ace in their rotation. The New York Yankees are better off waiting out Pittsburgh and seeing if the Pirates lower their demands.


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