Marvel’s Runaways: Alex Wilder Is The One Who Can Destroy Both Pride And The Runaways

How did Alex Wilder know Nico’s mother password to her office on Marvel’s Runaways? Nico has asked him that question three times already and each time, he’s been saved by an interruption. However, there will come a time where it’s just the two of them and Alex will be forced to tell the truth or lie. Which do you think he will do?

It’s something about Alex that’s a bit off. Nevermind the comic version as we know how that turns out but by TV standards, Alex is keeping something not only from the other Runaways, but Pride, and his parents as well.

There’s no denying that Alex is a smart kid. His talents with a computer are just as intoxicating as Molly with her strength but has he gone too far? When it first happened, it was so fast that most viewers probably didn’t notice. As cautious as Pride is, how does Alex just happen to stumble onto their secrets?

While Alex does have an infatuation for Nico, his mind is also on something bigger. But can you blame him?

Of all the Marvel’s Runaways, Alex Wilder is the only one without powers. Gert has a dinosaur she can control. Molly has the strength of the Hulk. Chase has the hands of Iron Man, Nico is like Gandalf the Grey, and Karolina can shoot rays from her hands and fly. But Alex, he’s all brain and that might be the most powerful of them all.

In a battle, those with powers will turn to them in defense. However, with Alex, he has to think his way through a situation. Pride is not on the defensive yet as they know nothing about the Runaways’ powers. But once they do, then the official war can begin. But which side will Alex be on? It’s obvious he knows something the others don’t and by him keeping that secret, it means he plans on becoming a lone-wolf sooner or later. With that said, how can Pride or the Runaways defeat a person with his smarts and one who knows everything about his opponents?

Chase powers are through the Fistigons which are mechanic and all Alex has to do is hack those. Nico has the staff but he has a way of manipulating her. Gert is intelligent, however, her weaknesses are Molly and Chase. If Alex takes them out, that will cripple Gert. As far as Karolina, her powers are harnessed by her bracelet. All Alex has to do is find a way to keep that bracelet locked on. Powers are powers and while strong, they can never beat a planner. Alex is the ultimate weapon.

If it comes to a showdown with Pride, then the parents don’t stand a chance. Alex biggest test will be Jonah. He has the powers and the brain, however, his biggest hurdle will be staying in the physical form. For some reason that hasn’t been explained to us yet, Jonah has a time restriction on his human body before he goes back to his alien-state. If Alex can find a way to make that permanent, Johah doesn’t stand a chance against Alex.

I would like to believe that Alex Wilder is a good guy, but recently he has shown signs that he could be out on his own. Does he want to take down Pride? Yes. But if cornered, he can also take down the Runaways.



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