Big Mouth: What Does A Visit From The Hormone Monster Mean For Nick?

Big Mouth is a show centered around a young kid named Andrew. Yet, the real star of the show is Nick. As Andrew developed more rapidly thanks to the Hormone Monster, Nick wasn’t able to catch up to his best friend. As we saw at the end of Season 1, Nick finally gets paid a proper visit from the Hormone Monster. How will this affect him at this point?

Nick was somewhat more awkward than Andrew. Judging by the events of Season 1, Nick was ready for a Hormone Monster visit, but never really embraced him. As Andrew grows into his own, it’s time for Nick to join his best friend on the journey to manhood. And Season 2 should focus heavily on that.

There have been a lot of moments for Nick that could have gone better in Season 1. His awkward relationship with Jessi, one that which he had no idea how to handle, to a near hookup at a high school party, Nick had his chances. It just wasn’t meant to be for him. And the Hormone Monster saw it that way for the longest time.

The Hormone Monster didn’t want to take Nick on the journey to find Andrew in the pornscape on the final episode, the pornscape. This is mainly due to him not feeling Nick was ready to enter puberty. Whatever the case may be, the Hormone Monster must have seen something in him, as he thinks he’s ready now.

Perhaps Season 2 will show a little more of Nick growing up as he enters puberty. We didn’t really see that in Season 1. He’s still a young, immature child. Perhaps, Nick finally finds his Missy? The Hormone monster will guide him. Just like Andrew, Nick will have confusion at first. However, that comes with the territory at his age.

Season 2 would take on a much different tone if Nick were sure of himself. There was just such an awkwardness to him. That’s why he’s been my favorite character, it’s just so hard not to like him. He had no clue what he was doing with relationships, sex, and any other adult-like situations.

Perhaps we see a different side to Nick, one that is confident and not as confused. That’s what the Hormone Monster will do for him. He’ll lead him on the path to manhood. Season 2 of Big Mouth will be quite interesting for Nick, as he becomes a man.



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