WWE: How Ricochet and War Machine should be used in NXT

Some big news coming out of WWE, as Ricochet and War Machine will be coming to NXT. It’s been speculated for months that the tag team and high-flyer would be debuting with the company in early 2018.However, it appears to be a reality. The question is, “how does NXT/WWE use them?”

Ricochet is the ideal choice to lead the cruiserweight division. A natural at the art of aerial acrobatics, he’s going to fit right in on 205 Live. First, he must tackle NXT. And by doing so, this means we will get some amazing dream matches. Who wants to see Ricochet/Adam Cole in the same ring? What about Johnny Gargano/Ricochet? Even Cien Almas would satisfy any wrestling addict. Or, Lio Rush/Ricochet, which is my personal hope we get.

To be honest, Ricochet doesn’t need much time in NXT. He’s already familiar with the TV nuances of the wrestling world from his time in Lucha Underground. He will probably get some sort of long run in NXT.  He’s the ideal choice for a champ. Exciting, energetic, and skilled, King Ricochet is made for the main event scene.

War Machine is an entirely different animal. The former IWGP tag champs are poised to become the most dominant tag team in NXT. Hanson and Rowe, for their size, are extremely agile and athletic. They are an absolute joy to watch in the ring. I’d be interested in them starting a feud with Heavy Machinery, as both teams contain big men, but are very skilled.

It’s unclear to say what the plans for War Machine and Ricochet are at this point, but they need to be main eventing. Ricochet can put butts in the seats, and will no question be a fan favorite. War Machine, while not as known or beloved as Ricochet, can draw you in with a match. They’ve got the look of a Highlanders and Sheamus mashup, but dish out the punishment in the ring.

The only drawback to the two being in WWE is the toned-down move set. Unlike War Machine, Ricochet will have to adjust some his more intense moves. I’ve seen him do two Canadian destroyers back to back in a match with Penta El Zero M (Think about signing him WWE) and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Well, that’s no longer going to happen.

Regardless of a watered down move set, the additions of Ricochet and War Machine is a big haul for WWE. It rivals the signings of AJ Styles and Gallows/Anderson two years ago. Let’s hope that Ricochet and War Machine have a good run on NXT and then dominate the main roster.



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