Riverdale: Two Reasons Why Veronica Might Be Lying To Archie About Her Love

Was it real or not? Did Veronica really mean it when she told Archie she loves him at the end of “Silent Night, Deadly Night” on Riverdale? The reason for the question stems from a chain of events that led up to those three words from the young Lodge.

When Archie expressed his feelings for Vee, he did so during an emotional time. While the moment was cheapened by Veronica’s silence, her feelings were still present–she didn’t love him, at that moment, at least. But then a change in the tide happened between Veronica and her parents, and now the couple that wasn’t supposed to be is back as one. But how and why?

Please forgive me if it may come across as I don’t want Archie and Veronica together. I actually like them better than Archie and Betty ever could be. But what I don’t like is the possible manipulation that’s going on. It began with Archie exposing his true feelings but Veronica shut him out for what reason I don’t know. All the time they spent together, either having sex, talking or Veronica saving Archie’s life and yet, those three words never came up before?

But then came the exchange of Christmas gifts between the friends and this is where things got a little weird. As you can see, while Archie and Betty are exchanging gifts, the look on Veronica’s face says it all. She’s jealous. Her family values made her give up on Archie and what she sees is a slight possibility of a romance between the life-long friends. But then it makes sense. Veronica views Archie as a “boy toy” while Betty may seem him as something permanent.

Fast forwarding to the two important scenes where the evidence of an evil Lodge plan may be taking place with Archie feelings caught in the middle.

Spoiled Veronica decided to throw a tantrum about the “family business” when her parents said they wouldn’t play for Fred Andrews’ medical bills. Once her parents found out what she did, Veronica went into “Gossip Girl” mode and wiggled her way into the truth about what the Lodges’s have planned on Riverdale. With that move she pulled, we learned two things. One is that the Andrews’ are an important piece to the puzzle and secondly, we DON’T know what those plans are. But Veronica does and that’s what makes her motives toward Archie so suspect. Then there is the second scene.

Does Veronica Really Love Archie?

For argument’s sake, let’s say that her parents didn’t put her up to admitting some false love for Archie but something or someone else forced her hand. There was a scene where Archie and Betty went to the Blossom’s house to question Nana Rose about Black Hood. After they left, Archie and Betty had a “moment” in the car. While what took place was just between the two of them, little did they know, Cheryl Blossom was in the window watching.

With that said, what if Cheryl called Veronica and told her what just went down in the car between Betty and Archie? To be fair, Betty was no longer with Jughead and Archie and Veronica broke up. So what would be the problem? But that type of news of them kissing and Veronica thinking back to the exchange of gifts could have made her confess to a love she doesn’t have out of jealousy. Haven’t you ever heard the expression “they may not want you, but they also don’t want you with someone else”?

The end scene was romantic but it still felt forced by Veronica. Did she do it out of love, jealousy or some evil plot? Guess we won’t know until Season 2 of Riverdale returns January 17, 2018, with a new episode titled “The Blackboard Jungle”.



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