The Ranch: Abby Was A Real Bitch To Colt

(If you’ve not watched Part 4 of The Ranch, don’t read this article. It has spoilers.)

If we’ve learned anything from this season of The Ranch, it’s that Abby is a total bitch. Colt goes out of his way to provide for her, and then she just bolts for another job in Denver. It’s sad that things on Part 4 ended like they did, but she’s to blame.

I understand Abby wants to teach. It’s her passion in life. Yet, going behind Colt’s back and accepting a job offer in Denver wasn’t the correct way of doing things. Colt wasn’t going to agree to let her go. At least talk your fiance before you do it.

What’s even worse is that Abby didn’t even tell Colt first. He heard it from Maggie, who was the first person Abby told. Quite frankly, that’s not how things should work. There needs to be some sort of communication between the two on the Denver job. Instead, Abby, knowing Colt’s resentment to long distance, took the offer anyway.

It’s not all on Abby though. Colt could be a little more accommodating to Abby getting a permanent job. It’s just incredibly selfish for her to just assume Colt will drop everything and move. Even if she believes a long distance relationship will work, the situation is unfair to Colt, who is now put into an awkward situation.

Abby leaving for Denver couldn’t come at a worse time. With Beau recovering from his cardiac episode, someone will need to assist in the day-to-day operation of the Ranch. In addition to his Dad’s health, the pipeline debacle will only further them more. While none of this is Abby’s fault, Colt will need her for support. And instead, he’s left fighting his soon to be wife to come home.

Things haven’t been easy for Colt. However, the one constant he had was Abby. With her out of the picture for a good amount of time, how will life play out for him? Abby really did a number on him by leaving. Let’s hope she comes to her senses.



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