New York Yankees: Jacoby Ellsbury Should Waive No-Trade Clause for Giants

The New York Yankees really want to trade Jacoby Ellsbury this winter.

The 34-year-old veteran has already been declared that he’s no longer the starting center fielder. Despite that, he’s making $21 million this upcoming season. Yet, because he’s been a huge disappointment with the Yankees since his arrival. He’s found himself on the outside looking in for the Yankees plans.

Ultimately, the Yankees should have never of signed Jacoby Ellsbury, to begin with. Jacoby Ellsbury may go down as one of the worst free agent signings in team history. He signed a seven-year, $153 million deal in December of 2013 and the expectation was that he would be a force as the leadoff hitter.

He’s barely been that. He’s been often injured and in both years that the Yankees made the playoffs, Jacoby Ellsbury has been on the bench and used as a pinch hitter and pinch runner.

the Yankees desperately want to move his contract off the books. They want to get his roster spot for someone who would be more useful for the team going forward. Up until now, Ellsbury has been very hesitant on waiving his no-trade clause to accept a trade from the Yankees.

But things could be changing for Ellsbury.  Ellsbury’s stance on not waiving it seems to change different from what it was earlier this winter. Jon Heyman of Fan Rag Spots has reported that Ellsbury is now considering waiving his no-trade clause to accept a trade to a select few of teams. One of those teams is the San Francisco Giants.

Given what the Giants are doing in re-shaping their roster. A trade for Jacoby Ellsbury to San Francisco would make a lot of sense. With the departure of Denard Span in the trade that landed them Evan Longoria, the Giants could use Jacoby Ellsbury in center field and it would give him a chance at being an everyday outfielder and potential lead-off hitter.

The Yankees will likely have to kick in at least 50 percent of Jacoby Ellsbury’s deal to help a trade, but if the Giants are willing to add Ellsbury to their payroll and take him off the Yankees hands, then he should seriously consider waiving it to leave New York.

With the Yankees, Jacoby Ellsbury is essentially a useless player. He’s considered a $153 million pinch runner. The Yankees can bring up a minor league player to do the same thing for $152.5 million less.

But with a team like the Giants, he could use the opportunity as a fresh start and be the kind of player he once was with the Boston Red Sox; a lead-off hitter that stole bases hit doubles and was a useful part of the lineup.

For the next three years, Jacoby Ellsbury will be guaranteed to get paid almost $68 million. If he does waive his no-trade clause, Jacoby Ellsbury could also be guaranteed more consistent playing time and a starting job.

For his career going forward, it makes sense for Jacoby Ellsbury to waive his no-trade clause to leave the Yankees.


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