Lifestyle: Losing weight can lead to gain in confidence

It is not easy to lose weight. However, if you have will and determination, it is possible.

Over the last two months, I have been involved in a weight loss program. I wasn’t sure about it when I started because like many people, I have been down this road. However, I thought about it and said let’s do this. I found this to be different than your Weight Watchers because this isn’t a diet. This is more of a change of life. So I made some drastic moves that saw my soda intake decreased. In addition, I have cut out junk food. It is also worth noting that I have not been to a gym yet. By simply cutting out soda and junk food, I am down 25 pounds in two months.


While the weight coming off is great, I have started to regain a lot. Some of the stuff that I have regained is more energy, less pain, and a new look on life. The biggest thing that I have gained since I started this journey was confidence. I will be the first one to say that my confidence was so bad that people were noticing. It was causing me to miss major opportunities. Now, that I have lost the amount of weight I have it has made a huge difference.

Now you are probably asking yourself Why is he telling us this? I want to help other people. If you are heavy like me or you are losing weight, you shouldn’t let it affect your confidence. If there is that woman you want to ask out, go for it. I have had this issue and while I haven’t asked out a woman, I talk to women now because I have the confidence. I wouldn’t have been able to find it if I never started losing weight. Hopefully losing weight will give me more confidence.



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