Forget WWE, Joey Ryan Is Just Fine With His Non-PG Antics

Joey Ryan is a name that never gets any love from WWE. It’s for good reason too. His gimmick is far from PG. For some reason, he’s still one of the world’s top indie wrestlers. What’s the fascination with the master of the dongplex?

While fun to watch, Joey Ryan is definitely for mature audiences only. Any wrestler that relies on his penis to get over, is certainly not going to gain him many younger fans. Still, Ryan is one of the most brilliant in-ring wrestlers out there.

Many might know Ryan from his work on Lucha Underground. That’s just a small snippet of what he’s done in the wrestling world. He’s held titles in more than 21 different promotions. Some might dismiss him as a sideshow act because of his mature nature. That’s not going to derail his career though.

Most success has come from teaming with Mae Young Classic participant, Candice LeRae, to form the World’s Cutest Tag Team. They have won many titles together. Joey Ryan also has some great intergender wrestling. His matches with women wrestlers, as well as men, are unprecedented.

The question about Ryan is whether his sleazy gimmick works. Fans around the world love this guy. His shirts are a top seller at Pro Wrestling Tees. You can also find them in a select few Hot Topic stores. It’s possible more could go on sale depending on the sales of the first wave. I guess the gimmick does work for him.

He’s not your average in-ring wrestler. Joey Ryan is unlike anything you’ve seen before. There are a lot of great gimmicks in wrestling, this just happens to be one of the best. And it seems Joey’s star is only going to rise. Already featured on the Netflix original show, Glow, and shirts distributed at Hot Topic, he’s gaining momentum into the mainstream.

Of course in this instance, the mainstream won’t be WWE. But for the loyal and hardcore wrestling fan, and the over 18 crowd, Joey Ryan has become one of the most recognizable wrestlers in all the world. He doesn’t need to tone himself down to be in WWE because he’s fine just the way he is.



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