Denver Broncos: Dear Santa, Fans would like these 3 Wishes

Dear Santa, a letter regarding Denver Broncos.

While the Denver Broncos may not be my love, I do have a place for them in my fandom of NFL teams. You see they are kind of like my “side chick”. While I would never cheat on my team, I do feel l need to get this team some wishes granted. Broncos fans would really like to see their team improve in 2018. Here are three things that they could use.

  1. Special Teams Coach

Brock Olivo is currently the special teams coach. However, his inability to put a decent product on the field has cost the Broncos in several areas. He is too stuck on having Isaiah McKenzie returning punts. McKenzie has fumbled 6 times on the season. This puts the Broncos defense behind the proverbial 8-ball. Then the offense has to try to play catch-up. This is something that they just are not built for at the moment.

Special teams is an important area in football. If you could help the Denver Broncos get better in this area the team would appreciate it.

  1. Offensive Line

While The Denver Broncos made some improvements in this area in 2017, it was not enough. They still need a right tackle. Garett Bolles is going to be a solid LT. He is only a rookie and has made an impact across the offensive line. RG Ronald Leary was an upgrade on this side of the line. However, there is still a significant need at RT. Donald Stephenson and whoever else they tread out there just have not cut the cake. Improving this area would give the offense the ability to run the football and keep their QB upright.

  1. A Starting QB

Trevor Siemian has the intangibles. However, he is just not getting the job done. I am not sure if this is due to his confidence being gone or what. He has seemingly taken a step back in 2017. The Denver Broncos need to acquire a starting QB in 2018. Whether this is through free agency or the 2018 NFL Draft. Also, some possible free agents are Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, and Chase Daniel. AJ McCarron is a Restricted Free Agent, meaning that the Broncos would have to give up compensation.

In fact, the draft could yield a player like Josh Allen (Wyoming), Sam Darnold (USC), or Josh Rosen in the first round. All of which could become quality NFL QBs.

So, you see Santa, this football team needs your help in making it better in 2018. Hence, Broncos fans everywhere would appreciate your assistance.

I know you are busy with the other 31 teams. Thus, we appreciate your attention to our team. Merry Christmas.

Denver Broncos #BroncosCountry



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