The Blacklist: Will Raymond Reddington Give Liz, Agnes The Keys To The Island?

Why do we root for Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist? By all accounts, he’s a villain. According to him, everything he’s done has been for the protection of his daughter, Elizabeth Keen. However, after the events that took place in which resulted in Tom’s death, how will Liz feel about her father then?

For years, Raymond has fought off the FBI, CIA, other criminals and yet, he couldn’t escape the clutches of Mr. Kaplan.

What about the island he was ready to give Mr. Kaplan in the Season 4 Finale? While that storyline has since vanished, fans have not forgotten about its possible importance moving forward. But it still leaves a burning question. Who will receive the keys to the island? As much as we would love to see Red walk away from all this still breathing, he has done entirely too much to come out the clear winner.

As much as I love his character– he will, and has to die.

The relationship between Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington so far this season has been one of pure joy but it will soon turn into doubt and suspicion. Imagine finding out that your father might be responsible for the death of your mother and your husband. Raymond Reddington already tried to kill her babysitter and protector but to find out that he’s the cause of everything she can’t remember may put Liz into an unknown state of mind.

There will come a time on The Blacklist when there will be a showdown between Liz and Raymond. Dembe nor the FBI will be able to intervene. Red is a smart man and will sense the danger coming thus resulting him to set up an escape plan for Liz and Agnes so she won’t have to face a punishment for killing an FBI informant.

The escape plan will be her very own Island.

It was brought up for a reason and with Mr. Kaplan refusing, it set up the possibility of Red handing it over to Liz. At the end of the day, no matter how much we love Red, he’s still a bad guy, a killer, con-man and straight up gangster. However, he loves Liz and will do anything for her, and that includes dying so she can live.

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