Miami Dolphins: A Fan’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa from a Miami Dolphins fan,

Can we come to an understanding here? Miami Dolphins fans have had enough of the “this is our year” only to still end up being let down. They might not need a Super Bowl push right away but can’t ya bring them a late playoff run? Give them two or more seasons of a winning record? Put a team on the field that’s as passionate as it’s fans? If Dolphins fans want to have a Happy Holiday season, bring them this short wish list and things might be okay.


1. A strike first coach 

Nothing says disappointment like watching a team lose a game they were never in. Plenty of times the Dolphins have put up performances that should be winning efforts. Unfortunately, most of the effort comes in the second, third, and 4th quarters. The team has been in winnable games before but can’t always overcome the lead they’ve spotted opposing teams. Miami needs to find a way to get the ball moving quickly and scoring just as fast. The slow, make adjustments, conservative approach has been seen for years. No matter how talented the team is, the Miami Dolphins just can’t seem to win the first quarter of football. If the team ever wants to be considered as a threat Adam Gase needs to find a way to get the team going sooner.

2. Return to their throwback jerseys

Fans have called for it for seasons now. There are rumors that the team is trying to make it happen. Now the Dolphins just need to stick to demand and bring back their older style jersey. Something about them seems more intimidating almost as if they’re in attack mode. The team itself has been too soft and passive, perhaps a new, fresh, more aggressive look will recharge the batteries. Nothing about the new uniforms or logo screams intimidation. It’s time to go back to the drawing board.

3. Consistency

Late in the season, the two most refreshing games to watch were against the Broncos and at home vs the Patriots. The Dolphins needed bot.h games to stay alive in the playoff race and won them both. Not only that they looked good doing so. So why do they look like a team possessed these two games and still had a stretch of 5 straight losses? Against the Pats alone the game was coached brilliantly, every player pulled their weight, and mistakes were limited. Clearly, it was a statement game, but by now fans are looking for every game to be a statement game. Nevertheless, two decades of losing are enough. Can’t they put that team on the field every week so fans might actually enjoy a season for a change? All in all, how is it possible to be that good and that bad all in the same season?

Adam Gase and company have done great as coaches so far. In no way should their jobs be in jeopardy. However, the team needs to find the it factor that puts them over the top. Thus it may be time to cut losses where they’re needed. The team doesn’t need yet another overhaul, however, the Dolphins need to find playmakers. Each time a new candidate steps up, another one falls off. The Miami Dolphins and their fans need this franchise restored to their once proud tradition of being the winningest team in the NFL. By sticking out with a team that’s been bad for so long, surely their fans have made the “Nice list”. So, isn’t it time to bring some good to the Miami Dolphins organization.

Every Miami Dolphins fan ever.


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