F Is For Family: Is Frank Murphy Ashamed Of His Kids?

Is Frank Murphy ashamed of his kids? He definitely loves them, but it seems he wishes they were a bit more like him, and in Maureen’s case, like Sue. Frank is a very stern and tough parent. He wants his kids to act a certain way. Does F is For Family show his loving side enough?

One of the main storylines in Season 2 was Frank and Kevin’s constant bickering over his music career. All Frank wanted Kevin to do was study hard in school and not chase some near impossible dream of being a rock star. The two eventually came to an understanding, but Frank no question wants more from his oldest child.

Bill was always seen as the wimp. Frank wanted him to toughen up and not get as upset. Frank’s tough and sometimes reckless parenting actually drove Bill to a much more troubled path. Bill wasn’t exactly happy that Frank didn’t take him to hockey tryouts. This set off a reaction in Bill.

Maureen is Frank’s biggest issue. All he wants is for her to be a proper young lady. He enrolled her in Honey Bee Scouts, and doesn’t like that she has no interest in doing girly things. Frank wants nothing to do with these almost tomboy like qualities from his daughter.

Again, Frank Murphy isn’t a bad father. It’s understandable for him to feel somewhat disappointed that his kids aren’t taking after him, but he needs to let them live their own lives.

Sure, Kevin needs to focus on school, but if he wants to start a band, Frank should let him. It’s not like he’s hurting anyone by doing this. The school needs to be more of a priority for Kevin, but let him try and live out his dream.

It’s obvious Bill is a bit of a wimp and pushover, but he’ll grow up and get over it. Frank can’t push him to become tougher. It’s going to come naturally for him. You can’t fault Frank for wanting his son to act like more of a man, but it will happen without his father’s influence.

As for Maureen, you need to let her be her own person. If she wants to act more like a boy, Frank needs to honor that. He shows a lot of emotion towards her, and cares for her deeply, but to expect her to be something she’s not isn’t the right thing to do.

F is for Family might give Frank Murphy a bad rap. He’s a great father to his kids. And sure he wants them to be a certain way, but he can’t pressure them. Frank shouldn’t be ashamed, rather happy they are all unique and different. F is for Family is about family, and Frank is a good dad.[DanielTwitter]

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