2018 NFL Draft: The Rising Stock of Western Kentucky’s Mike White

Mike White is a name to keep an eye on. Don’t forget that name. Just a couple of years ago, I was crucified for saying or even implying that Carson Wentz was a top-5 player in the 2016 NFL Draft. Now I’m not saying Mike White is a top-5 type of player, but I have a good feeling his name will continue to move up draft boards, both in NFL circles and in media circles.

Who is Mike White?

Mike White is a 4-year starter that has played his last 2 years at Western Kentucky. He started his college career at South Florida before transferring. Many have dismissed him because of the fact that he transferred after appearing to have gotten beaten out for the starting QB position in the spring at South Florida. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. To me, it’s not a big deal.

Let’s face it, he’s gotten a lot better since then! Even from his junior year to his senior season at Western Kentucky, his improvement is remarkable. Why did it take so long? White was a dominant high school pitcher and had a chance to be a starting major league pitcher. He didn’t get his chance to play football until his season year in high school where he took his high school team to an undefeated record. He’s a late bloomer that is still continuing to grow.

Despite playing for small school Western Kentucky, White has had his opportunities against some of the best defenses in the country, including Alabama’s last year. He struggled against Alabama but played outstanding against some other tough defenses.

Why Mike White Should Be on the Radar

Let’s start with the fact that Mike White is a prototypical QB build that shows outstanding upside. Possessing excellent height at 6’4″ and a nicely built 225 lb physique, White shows the NFL size.

He also possesses the NFL arm. Showing outstanding arm strength with the ability to ping the ball around the field with relative ease. White has experience playing in a pro-style NFL system at Western Kentucky where he already takes the ball under center, unlike 90% of college QB’s these days. What’s really impressive about White is his deep ball accuracy and placement, showing the ability to lead his receivers from all areas of the field perfectly placing the ball in their chests.

White plays with tremendous poise, rarely looking to be nervous in pressure situations. His pocket presence and awareness are far advanced for the amount of time he’s had to play quarterback. He’s a good athlete that shows the necessary footwork within the pocket. Also, the willingness and the quickness to even pick up necessary 1st downs with his feet.

What Mike White Needs to Do

Obviously Mike White is going to need to continue to impress in all pre-draft workouts leading up to the draft. He has a HUGE opportunity at the Senior Bowl to really impress coaches and scouts. If he can show up and outshine guys like Mason Rudolph and possibly Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield (if they come), he has a real chance to go early in this draft.

He possesses all the traits scouts and evaluators are looking for. For the amount of time he’s been playing the QB position, I think it’s quite impressive how good he is already. He’s worth a Day 2 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.


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