WWE: The Smackdown Tag Team scene is much better than RAW

The Tag team scene of WWE has had its ups and downs.

At one point there were some great tag teams with the Dudley Boyz, Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, Legion of Doom, and others. Then it took a nosedive for some time. It seems that the tag team scene is on two opposite ends of the spectrum. I would like to first mention that there are very talented teams of both brands. However, it seems that the writers on Smackdown are writing their tag team scene better than RAW. They also have a ton of options going into 2018.


As of this writing, the RAW tag team scene is bleak at best. You have Seth Rollins/ Dean Ambrose and the Bar mentioned a lot. The Hardys are not a team now as Jeff Hardy is still recovering from his injury. You occasionally will see the Club, Rhyno, and Slater, and now you have the returning Revival. However, I don’t expect the WWE to give them a major push. I don’t see this happening right away because they are injury prone.

On the Smackdown side, you have the Usos, New Day, Breezeango, Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, and the Bludgeon Brothers. I figure Rusev and English will continue to have their alliance going into 2018 as they the most popular duo with the Happy Rusev Day gimmick. It is nice to have many options, it can also be a curse. My hope is that they don’t screw up the tag team scene on either brand. Also, I am hopeful that we get to see new groups get a push. For instance, the Authors of Pain are more than likely heading up to the main roster soon. You figure that the WWE will give them a huge push once they get to the main roster. However, it depends on which brand they go to.

The Tag team scene will be interesting to see in 2018



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