WWE Rumors: Adam Cole Will Be The Next NXT Champion

Adam Cole deserves the NXT Championship. The former ROH Title holder is the best wrestler in NXT by far and is the ideal choice for Champion.

The Undisputed Era might be the strongest faction in all the WWE. With Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly as the tag team and Adam Cole as the main eventer, it’s hard to beat them when it comes to in-ring work. RedDragon (Fish and O’Reilly) are the current tag team champs in NXT, and now it’s time for Cole to get his.

We know Johnny Gargano will be the number 1 contender for the NXT title. Adam Cole won’t get his shot at the title until after NXT Takeover Philly. After that event, Cole needs to be in the main event scene. He’s one of the most prestigious champs outside of WWE in quite some time, and the WWE needs to give him every opportunity to shine.

A 3-time Ring of Honor champion, Cole might be one of the companies best ever. Like some of the ROH wrestlers in WWE (Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens ), Cole is at the top of his game. All of the aforementioned names have won the NXT title. None have the pedigree of Cole in ROH.

WWE wants to find the best talent for its shows, and Cole is exactly that. And if he were to win the NXT title, what way would that happen? How long would he keep the belt? So many questions about his possible reign exist.

If Philly goes according to plan, Cien Almas will walk out with the title. Everyone expects Tomaso Ciampa to interfere, costing Gargano the title. If this indeed happens, Cole should be next in line for a title shot. While it’s rare to see a heel vs. heel match, it would make sense for NXT to book a three-way or fatal four match at Takeover New Orleans.

It’s at New Orleans where Cole will win the belt. We know Cien Almas will lose, only because he’s going to be a call-up the night after Mania and join the 205 live roster. It just makes too much sense for Cole to win the NXT title at New Orleans and give him a run with the belt until the Takeover event for SummerSlam.

Right now, nobody in NXT can touch Adam Cole in-ring or on the mic. He’s pure gold. A potential WWE Champ on the main roster, he’ll need to get his feet wet in NXT first. Giving the Undisputed Era the tag and NXT titles makes then quite the formidable faction. And as many expect Sanity to be called to the main roster the night after Mania, this would make Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish as the top dawgs of NXT.

Wrestling fans should prepare for Cole to become the next superstar in NXT and the main roster. He’s also got that million dollar attitude and look that Vince McMahon loves. McMahon will shoot Cole to the moon when he arrives on the main roster. But for now, the main focus with Cole should be the NXT title, which he’ll get very, very soon.

Adam Cole Bay Bay!



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