Is it Time to Cancel Your Netflix Account?

Netflix is about to take a huge loss. While adding a dollar to each streamer’s subscription package won’t hurt the wallet too much, there’s a lot more brewing up ahead. With Disney’s announcement of their own streaming service fans have been left to wonder what it means for their properties on Netflix. Viewers have been assured the content will continue on Netflix, but for how long?

Netflix’s increase in fees is said to be in large part to cover the cost of bringing original content. Except the one issue they’ll face, some of their most viewed shows are the Marvel branded shows. Shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have been the streaming giant’s bread and butter. While Disney may plan to leave them streaming on Netflix, will it be on a first stream basis? Will Disney pull out their version of a wild card and stream these shows first on their app and months later air on Netflix? How long would fans hold off on watching these shows just to not have to pick up a second subscription service?


Of course, just because Disney is pulling most of their shows from Netflix, doesn’t mean the bottom will fall out. Shows like Orange is the New Black and Stranger things, to name a few, have been long time fan favorites. However, the growing number of long-standing shows are starting to decline. Older fan favorite shows like Lost and How I Met Your Mother are quickly being dropped. Hopefully it’s due to lack of streaming and not a larger issue. It’s curious to say the least as there are always a handful of shows/movies that look more cut worthy.

The real question is, once Disney pulls back their movies and shows, will Netflix start losing more ground? One of the biggest draws of Netflix is their first streaming rights for Disney films. Even after you’ve binged your favorite shows, there’s always a handful of movies and other content that you’ll keep your subscription up for. Now the company needs to worry if it can’t provide content on a consistent basis, will subscribers keep their service, or cancel for an as needed basis? If their favorite shows are only released every couple of months and content is dwindling, why would fans continue to pay for all 12 months consistently?

Then of course there’s Hulu.

Hulu hasn’t been able to crack the Netflix code. While they streaming service remains 3rd behind Amazon and Netflix, there’s plenty to be said for their growth over the past year or so. While Netflix has been dropping properties, Hulu seems to be picking them up. ABC shows like Agent Carter have been picked up as of late. Since ABC is under the Disney umbrella and they own a small part of Hulu it was no surprise. Disney has also pushed original content for Hulu with Marvel’s Runaways. If Disney does in fact start pulling their content from Netflix in favor of Hulu that’s where things can get tricky.

If the ‘House of Mouse’ were smart they’d pull out the big guns. Since they plan to start their own streaming service down the line, why not be the first bundled streaming service? Smart money would see them have a stand alone subscription service for their original content and then add a package with Hulu for a couple bucks more a month. The appeal obviously would bring original content to one, and benefit them further with Hulu’s next day viewing options. Shows that air of network television are often ready next day on Hulu. Should Disney decide to bundle with Hulu for say $14.99 a month for both services or $19.99 for a no-commercial package, it would be interesting to see if or when they’d topple the streaming giant that is Netflix.[RickTwitter]


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