Seattle Seahawks: Time to Consider the Need to be Rebuilt

The Seattle Seahawks need to be rebuilt. I realized it as I was watched the debacle today against the LA Rams. Both sides of the ball were completely hopeless. My dreams of a home playoff game stomped on by every missed tackle dropped ball and impossible punt return.

Seattle Seahawks offense

The Seattle Seahawks offense huddles around Russell Wilson


It was a historically bad game from the Seahawks, as it will go down as one of their largest losses. The last time the Seahawks lost like that at home, the Giants were to blame, and the Seahawks went on a rebuilding tear. So here’s why the Seattle Seahawks need to be rebuilt.


Why the Defense needs rebuilding:

The Seahawks’ defense has been very good for a long time, by NFL standards. But it’s aging, and becoming more frail. Proof comes via Pro-Football, which shows the staggering difference in the number of key defensive players on the IR this year compared to years past. In fact, there has not been more than one key defensive piece on injured reserve since Pete Carroll came to town. This year, however, there are 3 on IR, if you don’t count DeShawn Shead since he is almost off it now.

The injuries that are popping up are not the kind that just go away without leaving their mark, both mentally and physically. Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor both are dealing with neck issues that are causing numbness in their hands. Richard Sherman has an Achilles injury that won’t see him up to full speed again until next season, if then.

Kris Richard has done an admirable job with who he has had available. Unfortunately, I do not think he was ready to be a defensive coordinator, and his luck has run out. The players can still be great, but they need a fresh scheme to help them catch offenses off guard.

Why the offense needs rebuilding:

The Seahawks used to be a running team. Any time the Seahawks had success, it was because they could move the ball on the ground. The running backs in Seattle’s past were amazing, durable, patient and powerful. Chris Warren, Curt Warner, Sean Alexander, Ricky Watters, and Marshawn Lynch were all workhorses dragging the team to success. Now, the Seahawks are struggling to keep a back in the game. Russell Wilson is the team’s leading rusher. In addition, the ‘Hawks yards per attempt is hovering barely around 3. There have been more backs in and out of Seattle than in the past 3 years combined.

Going hand-in-hand with running the ball, is success blocking. The Seahawks were the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to getting offensive linemen to block. So bad that they got Luke Joeckel to come in to start at guard, then traded for Duane Brown to start at Tackle. Yet tonight they still gave up 7 sacks to the Rams. This is the same team that thought at the beginning of the year that a guy who hadn’t played college football would start at left tackle before he was put on IR for a broken leg. Tom Cable does many good things, but not if we give him nothing to work with.

Darrell Bevell has to go. I do not think there is a Seahawks fan out there that would say otherwise. The coaches would never come out and say it, but our late game success is not from Bevell getting a handle on the game. It is because Wilson starts going no-huddle and calling the plays at the line. Bevell called the pass on the 1-yard line against the Patriots, and he has not been the same since.


Other parts and pieces:

I have never been one to put much weight on kickers in the NFL. However, the Seahawks have to get a decent kicker for next season.  The Seahawks have lost 3 games this year due to Walsh missing field goals. In a league where parity has been the goal, we need to depend on the kicker from time to time.

Why did Sherman Smith leave? He was a great running backs coach. Helped Marshawn Lynch, Mike Robinson, and Thomas Rawls look good. Since he left we have not had a back go over 100 yards in a game.

Is John Schneider the person thinking this up or does Pete Carroll have a part in the talent drought? For the past couple years, zero blue chip players were drafted by the Seahawks. Maybe they need to stop trying so hard and draft people who are talented at their position.


The Seattle Seahawks are a decent team with some great pieces in place. However, unless they start rebuilding now, losing seasons are inevitable.


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