GLOW: Will Cherry Leave The Ring For A Leading Role?

Will Cherry leave GLOW? After getting the lead role in a cop drama, she’ll need to leave the ladies behind to accept. Is staying a good decision? Will the chance to be the lead in a big budget program be too great to pass up?

It’s pretty obvious that at some point in Season 2 Cherry will make a decision. Don’t be surprised if she does indeed take the role as the lead in the cop drama. It’s too big for her career to not make that move. With the uncertainty of GLOW, this offers her a more stable source of income.

This doesn’t mean Cherry will be off the show for good. Something will bring her back to the wrestling, and she’ll ultimately choose Glow over the new cop drama. It’s more than likely going to be the bond she shares with the other women. Almost a mother to them, Cherry kept all of them in line and will miss that if she leaves.

Besides the relationships with the girls, Sam would likely throw a fit if Cherry left. Sam’s worked with Cherry before. The two have a lot of history together. She’s basically been his right-hand man. Without her, he’d probably have no idea what he’s doing. And there will surely be moments in Season 2 where that happens.

Staying with Sam and the girls might not be the smartest decision for Cherry financially, but it’s where she’ll be most comfortable. If GLOW takes off, there will be plenty of money to go around. And while there might not be as much as a leading role, Cherry will still end up happier where she is. There’s no question Cherry will regret leaving GLOW.

Starting the show from nothing, the relationships with all the women, the trust she gets from Sam, the amount of time she’s put into this, will only help make the decision of staying a lot easier. Yes, she will probably take the lead role, but I’d expect her to be back by the mid-point of Season 2. And it’s for these aforementioned reasons we’ll see her back in a wrestling ring.



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