WWE Rumors: Shinksuke Nakamura Is The Top Choice To Win The Royal Rumble

WWE has basically ensured us of a Shinsuke Nakamura victory at the Royal Rumble as the writing is essentially on the wall. The King of Strong Style will be on his way to Wrestlemania.

Here’s my reasoning behind a Nakamura Royal Rumble win. It’s clear that WWE wants Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at Mania for the Universal Title. To set up the storyline, the easy way out is to have Reigns win the Rumble to start the program with Lesnar.

After the backlash that bad ensued over Reigns winning the Rumble in years past, I’d highly doubt WWE (And Vince McMahon) is that stupid to have him win again. This would make the Reigns/Lesnar title match start on its own, not with the Rumble push.

The other match WWE has been talked about to have at Mania is A.J. Styles/Nakamura. Here’s the perfect opportunity for Nakamura to gain back some of that momentum he lost during the Jinder Mahal feud. By having him essentially win the Royal Rumble, it will all but set up Styles/Nakamura at Mania.

We’ve seen both Nakamura and Styles wrestle on a big stage before at the Wrestle Kingdom in Japan. It was one of the greatest matches in NJPW history. WWE wants desperately to put on a better match than that show, and this is the meal ticket to doing that.

Not saying that Nakamura winning the Rumble is a sure thing, as situations could change at Fastlane. But from a booking standpoint, it’s the most logical option. Of course, with WWE nothing should surprise you. It could easily be Reigns that wins the Rumble. Or we could see an entirely different match at Mania.

Shinsuke Nakamura winning makes the most sense. It sets up well for the American dream match of himself and Styles. It’s Chaos vs. Bullet Club. While neither are with NJPW any longer, this match at Mania could be the best the two have done.



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