Walt Disney World: Aliens is a Perfect Way to Replace Stitch Great Escape

Walt Disney World is going to close Stitch Great Escape at the Magic Kingdom. The attraction will be gone for good on January 6th. Is it possible Disney has the replacement figured out already?

With the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Disney has rights to a collection of new movie titles to use in their parks. With Stitch out of the picture, could it be time we see an Aliens attraction at the site of Great Escape?

Disney has tried an edgier version at this location before. Some will remember ExtraTERRORestial Alien Encounter as the attraction before Stitch. One of the more edgier shows/rides at the Magic Kingdom, it was short-lived mostly because of its frightening nature.

As Disney grows, so does its customer base. The chance for an attraction based of Alien might be the perfect idea for that space. Sure, it will definitely be frightening for younger audiences. However, the Magic Kingdom needs to get a little more adult-friendly at their parks. The older folk need something to ride as well, without the kids.

It’s not like Disney haven’t incorporated Aliens into its parks before. Fans of the Great Movie Ride will know all about the scene from Aliens on the ride. Easily one of the more visually stunning parts of that attraction, it’s been a staple of that park since the closure of the ride in mid mid-2017.

Yes, Aliens would be a tad more intense for its younger audience. That’s just something Disney needs to take a chance on, as the Magic Kingdom, and Walt Disney World, gain an older following. It’s an IP that has some staying power. Fans of the film will flock to see this new attraction. And hopefully after, new fans will emerge.

Walt Disney World needs to pull the trigger on the Aliens ride at Magic Kingdom. It might not be the first choice for replacement attraction, but it’s one of the more logical. It’d be a shame for Disney to tear down that set-up on Stitch Great Escape when it’s essentially ready for a new overlay. Aliens is the perfect opportunity for Disney to use the new FOX movie banner at its parks.



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