Riverdale Midseason Finale Recap: Who is Chic Cooper?

Die-hard Riverdale fans will be counting down the days until Season 2 returns on January 17, 2018.  One of the things that fans will hopefully find out in the next episode is Who is Chic Cooper? This is just one of many things fans wish they could have explained.[ESPOAds]

Chic Cooper is Betty and Polly’s brother who was up for adoption while Alice and Hal were in High School.  This leads us to ask why and how is he going to be written brought into the storyline now. Before I get into my theory on who is Chic, I do want to talk about the Mid-Season Finale.

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We learned in the mid-season finale that the Black Hood was supposedly Joseph Svenson. But do we really believe that it was him that cut his own finger off? Also, do we believe that he was the one behind the Black hood by himself?  At the end of the episode, we see Veronica tell Archie that she loves him and gives a kiss but someone is watching and photographing.

This leads me to believe that the Black Hood is still out there.  And that Svenson was a set up that he would be the Black Hood to make it look like him. After all, Archie did say he looked into Svenson’s eyes and didn’t see the same thing when he looked into the Black Hood’s eyes. We will surely find out in the upcoming episodes.

Another thing we will find out is who is Chic and what does he mean to the Plot? My theory on this is that the reason he has been put up for adoption is that Hal is not the father.  Now my die-hard “shippers” of Betty and Jughead are really not going to like where I am going with this.  I believe that Chic is actually Jugheads brother because of Alice and FP having a romance in High School. Remember Alice was a former Serpent and FP is obviously one as well.

In addition to the comment that was mentioned multiple times from FP. For example, there was a scene in Pop’s Diner of the previous episode before the mid-season finale where FP asks Alice to come to his Retirement Party. It seemed innocent on the surface but there was a subtle hint that FP still had feelings for Alice. Heres How the dialogue went, “Alice: Hal Would never come! FP: Well, then, leave him….long pause and silence… at home Alice: Blank Stare”.

There was also the comment by FP that said they, meaning the children, weren’t all mistakes. So yes my fans if he indeed is FP’s son and Alice’s son that would mean Betty and Jughead are technically Brother and Sister.

This would make for an excellent plot twist on this already troubled romance. Is this the last piece that ends their romance for good or would they be ok with it seeing as how they are not really blood-related? What does this mean for Betty and Archie will the now repaired relationship of Archie and Veronica face another fall? Or it will it hold up through its most difficult time now?

One thing is for certain we are all waiting on pins and needles to see what is going to happen come January 17th.[EspoTwitter]

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