Riverdale: 3 Questions Heading Into The Blackboard Jungle

With Black Hood now dead (maybe), the town of Riverdale can breathe a sigh of relief just for the time being. With more interesting things to come once the show returns in January with “The Blackboard Jungle”, we will take a look back at a few things that went unanswered in “Silent Night, Deadly Night”. While the midseason finale provided hints towards the future of Riverdale, there were still at least three questions left hanging in the balance.

What Ever Happened To The Affair Between Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller?

In “Tales From The Darkside”, Veronica and Betty followed Sheriff Keller thinking he was Black Hood to a Motel in which they saw Keller and Mayor McCoy kissing before he entered the room. What happened to that storyline in the midseason finale? As shocking as the Black Hood character was, this is a small town and a secret affair would be top news any other time. Maybe the history of the affair will be discussed when the show picks back up in January.

Who Exactly Is The Snake Charmer?

For much of this season, we’ve heard the name and seen the face of the Snake Charmer, but who is she? We know she’s a drug dealer but what type of weight does she hold within the Southside Serpents? It seems that every member of the Serpents has a deep fear of her and yet, we know nothing about her. Like who she is and what she has done to get to that position. All we know is that she can pull strings and make things happen. She’s also a lawyer that the Serpents keeps on retainer but there is so much more to her story and before we got a chance to find out, Jughead and his crew kidnapped her.

Did Cheryl Blossom Tell Veronica That Betty and Archie Kissed?

After Betty and Archie left Cheryl’s house, they were in the car discussing Black Hood, When Betty begin to think this was all her fault due to her grandfather’s involvement years ago, she and Archie embraced in a kiss. While it was just the two of them in the car, they failed to see Cheryl standing in her window. Just so happens, the next day, Veronica shows up at Archie’s doorstep and tells Archie she loves him. Did Cheryl have something to do with that? Maybe Cheryl called Veronica and told her what she saw the night before.

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