New York Giants: Bill Cowher Shoots Down all Coaching Rumors

For almost six years, Bill Cowher has been linked to the New York Giants head coaching job. It’s been one of the most talked about things over that time. In fact, any time the Giants job was ever discussed, his name was always mentioned as a possibility.

This past week, Bill Cowher put an end to those rumors when he said that he was not interested in coaching again, especially for the Giants.

“No, it’s not even about a team, it’s about lifestyle,” Cowher said. “Coaching is always going to be a great challenge, and every building dynamic is different. I had the best job in football and I was able to step away and transition from it to a next phase of life, which, quite frankly, I am very, very comfortable with. I am in a very good place.”

Since his departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers in February of 2007, he has worked for CBS Sports. Doing the pre-game work in the studio every Sunday and occasionally, working in the broadcast booth for games. During that time, Bill Cowher’s name always comes up for every head coaching rumor possible.

Since he left coaching 11 years ago, more than a dozen teams have contacted Cowher with interest in coaching their team. The New York Jets are the last known team. They thought that they had a real shot to get Cowher to come coach for them. However, he declined to interview and stayed with CBS.

Jerome Bettis got the Cowher to the Giants talk going in 2010. He said in an interview that he expected his old head coach to take the Giants head coaching job once Tom Coughlin stepped away. Many thought that if Coughlin had gotten fired in 2007, he’d have jumped at the job. The same thing was said in 2011. Nevertheless, in each season, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl and Coughlin was rewarded with contract extensions.

One of the reasons why Bill Cowher may have turned down head coaching opportunities is from his now late wife battling with cancer; she has since passed away and it gave everyone an indication about why the 60-year-old was fine with staying at CBS for so long.

When the New York Giants had their first head coaching opening in 11 years back in January of 2016, the Bill Cowher to the Giants rumors picked up even more. Instead, the Giants went ahead and hired Ben McAdoo. A move that ended up being a disaster. Big Blue fired McAdoo earlier this month. The Giants never called Cowher to see if he was interested. At the time, he sounded like he was interested in at least a phone call.

Now fast forward to the end of the 2017 season. Bill Cowher is ending all the speculation on the Giants head coaching job. Given his comments, he also likely ended any speculation for any other head coaching job.

It makes sense. He’s got a really good analysis job at CBS that he wants to keep. He just re-married not too long ago and is now a grandfather. He may have been away from the sidelines long enough. To the point where he does not feel the need to jump back in. Even if the right offer came along.

Cowher always considered the Giants his “dream job”. Hence, it may have to stay that for the former Super Bowl winning head coach. Bill Cowher shattered the hopes of Giants fans who had pegged him as their head coach of choice.

When the New York Giants go to look for their next head coach for the 2018 season, it will not involve Bill Cowher. At least by publicly admitting to his non-interest, it brings some closure to the rumors and they can end once and for all.


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