Disney: How Can The House Of Mouse Utilize The 20th Century Fox Films At Its Theme Parks?

What does the Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox mean for its many theme parks? Will the House of Mouse benefit from adding some of FOX’s signature animated characters. Just like Marvel, we know Disney will try to capitalize on the success of the recently acquired properties.

20th Century Fox has a vast catalog of animated hits, such as Ice Age, Rio, Ferdinand, and Anastasia. Disney is going to incorporate these films to their parks. How will this happen? There’s a lot of notable properties that Disney can use, and the possibilities are endless.

For starters, if you want to re-do the Enchanted Tiki Room at the Magic Kingdom, what better way to do that than theme it to Rio. It’s been reported the show would take on a Moana overlay, but given the natural beauty of Rio, this makes perfect sense. It’s a rainforest setting that will provide the perfect backdrop for the attraction.

Ice Age might be the most obvious choice for a Disney makeover. You can theme dark rides, shows, even entire sections of parks to the film. While the latter isn’t likely, developing a ride of some sort for the movie wouldn’t take too much time. Dare I say Disneyland theme the Matterhorn Bobsleds or Expedition Everest to the film? (Don’t kill for that, just an opinion).

If you do decide to go a drastic route why not theme Dinoland USA to Ice Age? There were rumours of a possible Indiana Jones setting coming to that area of Animal Kingdom. Ice Age makes a lot more sense given its prehistoric setting and large animals. That would make for one greatly themed land.

If Disney wants to capitalize on a newer FOX film, why not use Ferdinand as a meet and greet character. In fact, use the Ice Age characters as well. The technology is there that Disney can make these giant animatronics figures. Think similar to the Cars meet and greet’s the park already has.

There’s a lot Disney can do with the 20th Century Fox brand. All it takes is a little fairy dust. If there’s one company that can make the world’s of these classic Fox films come to life, it’s Disney. We’ve not even touched the new Marvel film licences Disney acquired in the deal. Let’s hope this relationship between the two is going to benefit all those involved.[DanielTwitter]


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