Washington Redskins: Three Things to Watch Against the Arizona Cardinals

With the Washington Redskins eliminated from the playoffs, the next three games change. They now become a try out for those that are on the bubble. Moreover, with the recent rumors that there could be a house cleaning at Redskins Park, the next three weeks could me everything. It starts this week with a home game against the Arizona Cardinals. Here are the three keys.

  1. Kirk Cousins

This could be the first of the final three games for Cousins and the Washington Redskins. Many have speculated since last offseason that this could be Cousins final year with the Redskins. While the Redskins do have options as far as his contract, the only true thing to do is lock him up long-term. These three games will not just help Cousins in his decision, it will help the Redskins as well.

  1. Jay Gruden

Gruden’s seat has warmed up in the second half of this season. Although it is tough to coach when you have the second highest IR roster in the NFL. Additionally, the Washington Redskins have played with 23 offensive line combinations. They lost their best-receiving option in TE Jordan Reed. Also, the loss of RB Chris Thompson was a huge hit. Nevertheless, Gruden has done what he could with all the injuries. How his team is motivated, plays on Sunday, and thereafter will decide his fate.

  1. Wide Receiver Group

This has been one of the worst receiving seasons for the Washington Redskins. The lost two 1,000-yard receiver in the offseason. They tried replacing them with a second-year player and an $8 million failure. Above all, this has probably been the healthiest position on the offense. It may have suffered here and there. However, not overall like the rest of the offensive unit. Thus, if these receivers want to stay around, they will need to stake their claim this week and beyond.

This is a pivotal time for the Washington Redskins. Not only for this season, for the future as well. So, if the Redskins expect to compete for future prizes, they need to treat these games as the playoffs. If they choose to pack it in, the long waiting list of season ticket holder may just get shorter.

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