Cincinnati Bengals: Marvin Lewis will not Pursue a New Contract in 2018

It started back in 2003. That is when the Cincinnati Bengals named Marvin Lewis their head coach. He has been there since. Lewis holds the second-longest head coaching tenure in the NFL. Second to only New England Patriots Head Coach, Bill Belichick. However, reports surfaced on Sunday that Lewis does not plan to pursue a new contract with the Bengals. His current contract expires after the 2017 season. Therefore, what is next for Lewis and the Bengals?

Marvin Lewis is 59 years old. He began his coaching career as a linebackers coach at his alma mater, Idaho State. He has been in the coaching profession since. Finally getting his big break with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003.

Lewis had much success as the headman with the Bengals. He recorded seven winning seasons. All seven winning season resulted in playoff appearances. Additionally, four of those seasons the Cincinnati Bengals were AFC North Division Champions.

Unfortunately, Lewis has a horrible postseason record. In those aforementioned seven playoff games, the Cincinnati Bengals lost in the first round. Most recently in the 2015 Wild Card Round.

Sources have said that Marvin Lewis would like to pursue other opportunities. He could instantly become a General Manager candidate for many teams. There are not many head coaches around the league who have had more player input on a roster than Lewis. I could also see him on the short list of some head coaching openings.

What is next for the Cincinnati Bengals after Marvin Lewis?

While Marvin Lewis has been tenured for so long with the Bengals, change is something that the team needs. The Bengals do have immediate head coaching candidates on the current staff. Defensive Coordinator Paul Guenther and Special Teams Coordinator Darrin Simmons are the leaders at this time.

Guenther has been a long-standing DC in the league. In fact, Jay Gruden and the Washington Redskins pursued him for the same job last season. The Bengals denied the interview request. I would say he is the leader.

Simmons has been with the Cincinnati Bengals for 15 seasons. All while leading the special teams. He is an up and coming name in the names of head coaches.

This change has been coming for the Bengals. Many have called for it for two years. Lewis and Bengals management always said he would at least coach out his current contract. That seems to be exactly what will happen.

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