Riverdale: It’s Time For Cheryl Blossom To Get A Larger Role Other Than Jokes, One-Liners

Watching episodes of Riverdale at times is like reliving your old high school days. You ave the jocks (Archie Andrews) with the hot girlfriend (Veronica Cooper), the outcast (Jughead Jones) with the nerdy, yet good-looking girlfriend (Betty Cooper) then you have that one person (Cheryl Blossom) who can blend in with anyone.

While Riverdale is centered around Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty, it’s been Cheryl who has provided the real intrigue to the show.

It started from the beginning when Cheryl gave off the persona of the “mean girl”. While she has still played that role in season 2, it’s not as drastic and in-your-face as it was in the first season. While Cheryl has received a bad rep, many must remember why she does half the awful things she does. It all traces back to her privileged upbringing.

For one, Cheryl is not stuck up. Our first image of Cheryl was one of a girl crying as she found out her brother was dead. As the town of Riverdale tried to solve his murder, Cheryl had to deal with the loss of a twin, her parents giving her the cold shoulder and peers at school being as fake as a $3 bill. But through it all, Cheryl has provided us with classic one-liners, jokes and the classic “I don’t give a f*** attitude”

While the rest of the girls are playing their roles close to the hip, Cheryl is the rebellious one. Many will look at Veronica as the one taking a stand against her parents when in truth, Cheryl is the strongest of the bunch. This is a girl who lost a brother, then her father, and found out the family syrup business was a front for a drug trade.

Cheryl Blossom Is Essential To Riverdale

Now with her father gone, Cheryl has taken a leadership role as the head of the household per say. At one point, after reaching her boiling point with her mother, she tried to burn down the house and in the process almost killed her. But with all this going on and Black Hood running around Riverdale killing people, Cheryl has had very little contact with the main characters.

I get that Cheryl is not one of the main four in Riverdale, however, she is still vital. While Riverdale has taken on more of a gloomy and dark stance this season, Cheryl has provided the comic relief to balance the show out. And, with most of the town engaged in some sort of romantic arc, why has Cheryl Blossom been cast aside? It’s as if the writers are still searching for a direction for her character. There has been no mention of a boyfriend and in one since it was perceived as if she was coming on to Josie in the locker room. Just the thought of Cheryl in a relationship gives me goosebumps.

While the four main characters are essentially the core of Riverdale, we must not forget the drama, comedy, and intrigue that Cheryl Blossom offers.



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